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Reaction to the Curry Trade

A compilation of blogger reactions to the Curry trade:

(I'll start with the best in the business)


"The only way to like this deal is if physique is your only criteria on building a basketball team.Of the two, Sweetney is the one more likely to be confused as a Sumo wrestler. But for those who've watched their fair share of Knick games last year, Sweetney used his body in the paint to his advantage, tossing opponents like, well, a sumo wrestler. An excellent rebounder, he used his size, reach, and footwork to pull down rebound after rebound, often tipping them to himself when fighting against taller opponents. On the offensive end, when he received the ball under the hoop, there often seemed to be only two options: an easy field goal or a trip to the foul line.

They score at about the same rate, although Curry's usage rate is higher. That could be because the offensively challenged Bulls leaned on Eddy, while the Knicks never featured Sweetney in the half court set. The turnover numbers and foul numbers are close enough to even out. However despite giving up 3 inches and 10 pounds, Sweetney's rebounding numbers puts Curry to shame.

While I have no illusions that Sweetney would be enshrined in Springfield, he'll be an above average starting power forward in this league. Additionally, the supposedly still rebuilding Knicks have given up some future considerations in the form of draft picks. Meanwhile, the Knicks will pay Curry $60M over 6 years. I usually don't like to deal in hypotheticals, but it's logical to assume the Knicks could have gotten Sweetney to sign for half that. Sweetney would have given the Knicks about the same amount of production (albeit at a different position) for half the price & New York wouldn't have to worry if his heart will hold up under the Gotham media."

Father Knickerbocker:

"this is a good trade and that's based on the assumption Curry is feeling OK. It's the type of trade that might put the Knicks over .500."

True Hoop:

"The Knicks roster gets better just for getting rid of Tim Thomas. He's one of those "do a little bit of everything" players who never really did enough of anything. Tim Thomas wants an extension, and I'll be shocked if Chicago gives it to him. Besides Michael Sweetney, about the only thing the Bulls get for their promising young center is Thomas's expiring contract and a draft pick.

Eddy Curry makes the Knicks much better. I really believe that. For the first time, I see some method to the Isiah Thomas madness. And don't ask about the salary cap, because, Knick fans, they're off into the stratosphere essentially forever."


"Well, the Chicago Bulls finally solved their Eddy Curry problem the way NBA executives like to solve problems: Trade him to the Knicks! Isiah Thomas will always take in your tired, your poor, your congenital heart defected."


"the good news of this trade is the Bulls removing the dead weight from their roster that was Eddy Curry. I admit it, the second I found out that Eddy Curry's Thornton High School lost to Schaumburg in the IHSA Class AA State Finals, I never thought he would live up to the potential that was thrown on him as an Illinois High School Legend.

In this deal, the Bulls further built their team into the new image of the NBA, a quick athletic team without your traditional center.

Sure, there will be many people that are against this trade because they remember the Eddy they want to remember, and not the real Eddy. They won't remember the Eddy that passed the ball out of the double team to the wide open defender. They won't remember the Eddy that did not know how to jump to rebound. They won't remember the Eddy that could not stop a midget from scoring in the paint. They will remember the Eddy that looked unstoppable offensively instead, and blame Paxson for sending him away. Let the dopes think that, while the rest of the world will know the Bulls made the right move."

Motoring Pistons:

"I'm excited about this. I want to watch a team with a starting frontline of Chandler and Sweetney. The Pistons have the "no fly zone", the Bulls could have... something witty in regards to rebounds. Sweetney is equal to or maybe even better than Curry overall and hey, he makes $7.5 a year less. The Bulls will be way under the cap after this year (like $16-$18 under) and will be able to go after multiple pieces.

This will hurt the Bull offense, but I think they can overcome it with Deng being healthy for longer, the addition of Thomas (helps prevent Nocioni's regular season efforts) and the addition of Songaila. Sweetney can score too, but Curry is better at that aspect of the game, so it's a wash. I think the Bulls will be even better after this deal. I applaud Paxson for this move. Maybe they can get into the second round this year."

Unknown Column:

"What did the Bulls really get? They got a few serviceable parts to fill in immediately, a first round pick, and a massive amount of cap space to play with next year. After this season, the Bulls may have more cap space than any team in the league. They'll be a major free agent player.

Personally, I'd rather have that money to burn on a free agent stud next year than to break the bank now for a player (Curry) who has heart problems both figuratively and literally."
"Could it be? Isiah Thomas actually puts together a deal that makes sense? Sure he just drafted Channing Frye and signed FA C Jerome James, but c'mon, let's look at the present people. He just got a top-10 center in the league who is still just 22 years of age and developing at a rapid pace. Sure Curry's heart problem may be worse than he's making it out to be, but by only sacrificing Sweetney (Thomas sucks) from a team littered with big men, the Knicks come out on top."


"Only an Isaiah led team could take this kind of chance, not that I'm saying it won't pay off, but it's a chance other teams wouldn't take, and weighing the talent versus risk is an important thing in the NBA."

YAYbasketball: "[heh]".