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Official trade details

From I guess 'convey' is the official trading term of the NBA, just like the persuasive essays I wrote in junior high.

October 4, 2005 - The Chicago Bulls convey to the New York Knicks the contract of Antonio Davis and the signed-and-traded contract of Eddy Curry. In exchange, New York conveys to Chicago the contracts of Tim Thomas and Michael Sweetney, the signed-and-traded contract of Jermaine Jackson, and New York's regular second round draft choice in 2007 and 2009.

In addition, New York conveys to Chicago, New York's 2006 regular first round draft choice on condition that the pick does not actually go to Utah (due to not being number 26-30) and also on condition that New York receives San Antonio's 2006 regular first round selection (due to being number 11-30). If New York's 2006 first round does go to Utah (due to being number 26-30), and New York does receive San Antonio's 2006 first round pick (due to being number 11-30), New York conveys to Chicago that San Antonio first round selection.

In addition, New York also conveys to Chicago the right to switch first round draft picks with New York in 2007 provided that New York's first round selection does not go to Utah (is not number 25-30). Per team policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed. This trade is conditional upon the players passing their physicals.

Got all that?

Obviously it'll be better to get a pick from New York instead of via San Antonio. I can just picture Zeke up all night trying to figure out what draft picks he's already promised to other teams around the league.

And that provision for the 2007 draft is very interesting (and until now unknown). We all know the Bulls will have a pick in around 25-30 by that time, so trading down a few spots will be nice :-)