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Eddy Curry follow-up

I promise not to do this too much during the season, I think we all can agree to wish Eddy the best of health and for the Knicks to lose as many games as possible.

  • Things that make you go hmmmmm: Hoops Prespectives points out a NY Daily News item reporting that Eddy Curry took Ephedra (either knowingly or unknowingly) in the summer before last season to lose weight. As you know that drug was banned from many sports leagues due to it's side effects on the heart, most noteably in the death of Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler. Curry denied the report.
  • Read it and wretch: Charles Oakley is hoping new Knick Eddy Curry does his #34 proud. And of course the Bulls used Eddy's heart condition as 'an excuse' to trade him. Thanks for the insight Chuck.(via YAYSports)
  • This is very much belated, but it fits in the anti-Knick theme of this post. Just another reason I think Scott Skiles is the most underrated comic mind of his generation:
     Skiles took exception to what New York Knicks coach Larry Brown said Monday about former Bulls center Eddy Curry.

    "I have been surprised that there are a lot of things that we've been talking to him about that I think he hadn't heard before,'' Brown said on a teleconference with league media.

    "Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure Larry invented the game,'' Skiles responded.
    Is there anyone with a dryer -yet dripping with sarcasm- delivery than Skiles? Especially given my feelings on coach Larry, this one had me smiling for days.