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Around the web

I updated the links section with some new additions, among those being DeadSpin, YAYBasketball, and BBallBlog. These are sites you should be checking out multiple times a day.

Another site to definitely visit is, founded by Mike of He's assembled some of the finest hoops writers around. For an example of what to expect from this site,  check out Knickerblogger's study of how a players' foul rate varies when he receives more minutes. Mike Sweetney is the inspiration for the piece.

Lastly, Carnival of the NBA #18 will be held at Atlanta Hawks blog Impending Firestorm. Contact Chase for submissions of NBA blog posts you've read (or written) by Tuesday night.

And if you don't read over the weekend (who does, honestly), scroll down for my small league-wide preview. And there will be lots more this week leading up to opening night on Wednesday!