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Paxson has change of heart, deals Curry to Knicks

Despite all of Eddy Curry's heart issues (literally and figuratively), leave it to Isiah Thomas to work out a trade for him. After days of insisting the Knicks had nothing to offer the Bulls in exchange for Curry, Pax pulled the plug on the Eddy Curry era, trading him to the Knicks.

The Bulls will apparently get Tim Thomas, Michael Sweetney and draft picks while Antonio Davis is also rumored to be headed to New York.

Paxson made a brief announcement today but said that details of the trade would not be discussed until tomorrow when training camp opens.

"This has been about as uncomfortable and unusual a situation I could ever imagine," Paxson said. "We've attempted from Day 1 to do the right thing, and I'm absolutely confident that we have in every way we went about it. And in a lot of ways we've met resistance in trying to gather all the information we feel we need."

"From a basketball standpoint, I understand what I'm doing. But I have an obligation to this organization and the people I work for to do the right thing. And I did the right thing. That's all I've got to say."