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Duhon sustains head/neck injury


MINNEAPOLIS -- Chicago Bulls guard Chris Duhon was taken to the hospital after crashing to the floor under the basket in the first quarter of Wednesday night's exhibition game against Minnesota. Duhon was carried off the floor on a stretcher after being fouled by Eddie Griffin on a drive to the basket late in the period. Team officials said Duhon was conscious, had movement in his extremities and complained of a sore neck. He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center to be examined for a concussion. Preliminary tests showed nothing serious, but Duhon was being kept overnight for further observation.

I didn't see the game, but this sounds like what happened to Jamal Crawford a few years ago. First thing that comes to mind is TJ Ford, but unlike him Duhon has no previous back/neck problems (that I know of), so hopefully he will not be out for too long of a time.

UPDATE(10/28): The Trib is reporting that Duhon suffered a mild concussion and will be out 3-5 days. He is probable for the season opener wednesday.