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Preseason open thread: Bulls vs. TWolves

7:30 Central, Comcast Sports Net.

The Bulls throttled the Celtics over the weekend. but that wasn't on television, and therefore the event's very existence could be put into question.

Lets see if they can follow it up now (like the previous game) that they have everyone healthy.

UPDATE: The Bulls started the game dreadfully on offense, but played well enough the rest of the game to keep it close. For some reason to start the game they posted up Tyson, and that had predictably poor results.

The new big man tandem of Sweetney and Songaila were in foul trouble early and didn't offer anything, 7 points of 2-9 shooting in 39 combined minutes. blech.

On the positive side my first real look at Eddie Basden left me impressed. I wonder if Wolves GM Kevin McHale has regrets signing Trenton Hassell to a 6 year deal knowing that a younger cheaper clone (with better finishing ability) of him like Basden was there for the minimum. I'm assuming he wont always go a whole game without missing a shot, but if he can bring the defensive effort he brought tonight with consistency (which is why he was signed) he'll be a nice addition to the guard rotation.

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