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More matters of the heart

  • Sad news in the NBA today as Hawks center Jason Collier has passed away. No official cause of death, although it's cardiac arrest has been deemed a possibility. Hawks blog Impending Firestorm has reaction.
  • This news shows the side of the Eddy Curry situation that Bulls GM John Paxson was most concerned about. With all the talk regarding DNA tests and employers' (and employee) rights, Collier's death brings the possible consequences  to the forefront. Whether or not you thought the Bulls were right to demand a test, you can only hope that the doctors that have cleared Curry to play without the test are proven to be right.

    If you haven't seen this already, Ian Thomsen of came out with a startling report this week quoting John Paxson saying that Curry experienced chest pain and lightheadedness and was taken to the hospital in an incident during last season's training camp. Why was this never reported before? Although Pax said at the time of the incident there was no heart issue revealed, clearly this was relevant to Curry's medical history and I don't know why it was kept a secret until now. If anything it'll quiet rumblings from Curry supporters that the Bulls were trying to run a smear campaign against him, as this news would've been floated out there earlier during the negotiations.
  • If you can't get enough positive reactions to the Bulls side of the trade, here's another from Martin Johnson of the New York Sun.Written on the 6th, the details of the draft picks are off (you can find the official details here), but like several other writers who are familiar with Michael Sweetney, he likes what he saw in Sweetney's 2 seasons with the Knicks.