Preseason Games

The Bulls had their first preseason game last night in Grand Rapids against Detroit.  Similar to last season, the offense struggled to score (76 points on 33.8% shooting) and turned the ball over (16 times).  However, they significantly outrebounded the Pistons (49 to 35), including the offensive boards (19 to 11).  The Pistons shot 44.7%, which while good, was above the percentage the Bulls allowed last season.

Individual standouts included the new main post scorer, Sweets, who had 17 points (on only 6 of 13 shooting, but 5 for 5 at the FT line).  He only had 5 boards, but that might have been Chandler's fault; Tyson had 14 boards in only 24 minutes (7 offensive).  Skiles is already talking about Sweetney's weight regularly, so I hope he gets into acceptable shape by the time the season starts.

It also sounds like Gordon struggled and Thomas sprained an ankle.  Deng played 20 minutes, but I haven't seen many comments about him.  

Last night's game wasn't televised, but tonight's against Memphis will be.  CSN is airing the game, which starts at 7pm.  If those damned White Sox weren't in the playoffs still, I might actually have been able to watch it.  The next televised game is Monday the 17th against the T'Wolves.

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