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Fun with similarity scores, part II

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Back on May 30th, I went through's similarity scores and showed for each of the young core of the Bulls who their most similar (at that age) player was.

Now that I am cradling John Hollinger's new book in my arms, I can bring you his comparisons as well. For the formula, you'll have to buy the book (which you should anyway). Unlike, he doesn't assign a specific score, so while these comparisons are 'most similar' players, their statistical similarities may not be that significant.

So, something to chew on:

Tyson Chandler(age 23) ~ Brendan Haywood
Luol Deng(20) ~ Carmelo Anthony
Chris Duhon(23) ~ Lee Mayberry
Ben Gordon(22) ~ Gilbert Arenas
Kirk Hinrich(24) ~ Sam Cassell
Andres Nocioni(26) ~ Tom Tolbert
Mike Sweetney(23) ~ Gary Trent

and for fun:
Eddy Curry(23) ~Rasheed Wallace

Once I sink my teeth in this book I'll provide a full review.