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Joakim Noah Supports Del Negro


First Rose. Now Noah. I wonder what the old team leaders think.

Source: VDN initiated fight


WTF is going on with this team? Now VDN is a bully who pushes Gar and Pax around!??! I'm confused.

Fred Blows Up at Vinny


For Vinny haters, Fred goes ballistic about VDN blowing timeouts in Game 2.

Del Negro 'Loves' Coaching


With five games remaining in his first season coaching at any level and a playoff berth likely, Vinny Del Negro finally moved past the glib answers -- more gray hair, not as much sleep -- and offered substantive ones. "I love it," Del Negro said. "It's everything I expected, even more so probably. I love the competition. I love the challenge. I love seeing the development of the young players. All of that is very fulfilling, more so than in management. "In management you can get away from it a little bit. This is there every day and you think about it almost every minute. But that's my personality. I enjoy the work and the challenge, which is consuming and exhausting. But if you can't handle it, you shouldn't have signed up for it." -- Chicago Tribune

Gordon miffed over being fined, confronts Del Negro


Happened after practice today in front of reporters. This was first broken by 670AM and 1000AM.

The Skinny on Vinny


Brief history of VDN

Deng still trying to find his way in new offense

[From the Fanshots -ed.] Lu: Hey coach, why does my offense stink so bad right now? VDN: Get ur butt out of the post! Slash! Slash kid slash! ============================= "The way our offense is, I have to find a way to be effective," Deng said. "I don't know how yet, but I have to figure it out. I'm trying to find little stuff, cutting. "It's a different style, and I'm trying to figure it out. We're penetrating, but guys are staying. I'm trying to shoot my shot, but there's a crowd." I don't think I've frowned upon it," Del Negro said. "I just think it slows us down a lot. I don't think that's a strength of ours right now. There are times we need to do that. But I'd like to get up and down more than we are now. "He's not leaving the page offensively. If he feels there's an advantage or if there's something we feel can work for him, we'll [post up] in a second. Right now, it's a feel thing for him. And we have to feel some things through ourselves."

SI.com article on Del Negro

[From the FanShots. One more interesting tidbit: Pax and VDN shared a plane ride back from a Yi scouting trip in China. I wonder if the 'connection' was that they both thought he sucked. -ed.] Nothing that hasn't been written elsewhere, except maybe the part about him wanting Gordon back. Interesting that he mentions Larry Hughes (interesting, as in scary).

VDN interview on WSCR (mp3)


Lawrence "don't call me Larry" Holmes does a pretty decent job touching all bases: assistant coaches, Rose, Deng, and Gordon.

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