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Tyrus to MN? Lots of other Bulls Rumors...


Man, the Bulls are really active in talks at the deadline...this link has Tyrus Thomas stuff, Kirk Hinrich stuff and chatter about plenty of potential deals...(personally, I like the idea of grabbing Scola somehow, since he will be a RFA this summer)

Dwyer on Tyrus


Great piece by KD on Tyrus. The operative part that makes me want to cry: "But it's such a waste, isn't it? From the second pick in the draft to Al Harrington, three and a half years later? You had a talent, such a significant talent in Thomas, and you just wasted him. Just wasted him. Allowed yourself the chance to go, "no, it's him. Not us. He doesn't rebound. He takes too many jumpers. He didn't run the floor, there." No, he didn't rebound like he should. He did take too many jumpers. He didn't run the floor, there. There were lots of "there's." But he was also 20, 21, 22, and 23 years of age. He'd also dominate for stretches, and then have to sit for Andres Nocioni(notes), who didn't rebound and took too many jumpers. Whether Tyrus Thomas is traded tomorrow, or if he plays out the string, it hardly matters. His time as a Bull (and his NBA career; because players don't usually turn it around after such habits are drilled in) was wasted by this organization."

Bulls Get Help From the Knicks


This seems to have been forgotten and worth noting since Issiah just got hired as a college coach

Lots of Bulls Trade Discussion

[From the Fanshots. Lots more Amare talk here -ed.] Basically, Marc Stein doesn't think Paxson has the guts to pull the trigger (though JR might have something to do with it too).

Tyrus Thomas has improved so much he plays on both teams in the 3 X 3.


"Aaron Gray, Joakim Noah, Tyrus Thomas, Andres Nocioni, Tyrus Thomas and Cedric Simmons waged a three-on-three game." Tyrus is so good the only way to wage a fair three on three is to have him on both teams. He is going to rock the rest of the season. You heard it here first.

Icy Hot Treatment at IMG Academy: Luol and Tyrus mentioned


Just a True Hoop video of Abbott getting into a 50F ice water bath and then jumping into an 87F pool. Abbott mentions that Luol and Tyrus were loving this recovery treatment. I've done this before. It's way better than 30 minutes of ice packs on your joints.

Tyrus still 6'9"


Looks like Tyrus has been fielding a lot of questions/emails regarding his height. He states he is still 6'9" but he does look like he has grown an inch or two. Not much else here, comments on how he thinks D. Rose and him will be great. Also, on the signing of Deng to a longtem contract.

Did Tyrus Grow??

[From the fanshots. Tyrus drooling always has a special place here. -ed] Check out this photo of TT and Deng with David Thorpe at IMG Academy this summer - I thought TT was about the same height, maybe one inch taller than Deng, but this photo makes it look like he's got at least 2-3 inches on him. Does a legit 6'10" Tyrus Thomas make anyone else drool even more about his potential?
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