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Kirk Hinrich, Bulls Reportedly Agree To 2-Year, $6 Million Deal


Kirk Hinrich and the Chicago Bulls have reached a verbal agreement on a two-year deal worth just over $6 million, according to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. The Milwaukee Bucks had reportedly offered Hinrich a deal worth over $4M annually earlier in the week, but with Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings blocking his playing time the Bulls made a better fit in the end. In other news, the Bucks are finalizing a five-year, $45 million deal with Ersan Ilyasova.

Good job Kirk.


Good job Kirk.

The Pistons are in Chicago


The Pistons are in Chicago tonight (8:30, TV20) looking to shake off last night's loss to the Kings. But be warned: Chicago always seems to have the Pistons' number in the regular season, even when...

Hinrich to Miss 1 to 2 weeks

[From the fanshots. This may get ugly. And I AM sort of bummed I won't see Hinrich-Gordon on Tuesday. -ed.] Courtesy of Doug Thonus who got the info courtesy of Bulls.com. This is the exact situation we signed Lindsey Hunter for. As a veteran basketball player / grief counselor; he should be able to navigate the team through the misery that is his and Pargo's play.

Point Guard Dilemma


My new Blog with my first post. Tell me if you liked it or not. If you did, follow me on my blog & twitter

5/02/2009 - Celtics win epic series with Bulls

(A suited Garnett celebrates in Game 5. Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler, Getty Images) It may not have been the most memorable series, or the most significant, or the most star-filled. But when it...

The Bulls just re-signed Lindsey Hunter...something has to be going on (Hinrich)


Call me crazy, but a team that already has their franchise PG in Derrick Rose (who played 45 MPG in the playoffs and 37 MPG in the regular season) that adds Jannero Pargo and Lindsey Hunter sure seems to have their PG rotation on lock. Of course, we all know Captain Kirk can play off-guard, but it seems genuinely strange to push on the tax range (which they were before Hunter) with the plan of not playing Hinrich at his natural position at all.

Who is Gilbert Arenas' ideal backcourt mate?


Finding the ideal backcourt mate for Gilbert Arenas, using lots of numbers and several gut feelings.

Sam Smith opens his mailbag


Sam weighs in on Bosh, Kirk and the Derrick Rose thing...Assuming any of this was actually done, it would seem to me it was the schools orchestrating it and the schools who are the villains, not the player, who, by the way, wasn't paid while the university collected millions. As I wrote before, Rose could have played at the Y last year and been the No, 1 pick in the draft. He didn't have to go to Memphis. Do you think it's every South Side kid's dream to be there? It's amazing to hear the self righteous blather about this from a bunch of people I often hear asking Rose for all sorts of favors. Maybe if we were in the U.S., people would wait until there was some actual proof.

The Chicago Bulls are reportedly heavily shopping Tyrus Thomas around the league, trying to see...


The Chicago Bulls are reportedly heavily shopping Tyrus Thomas around the league, trying to see what kind of value they can get for him after the solid season he’s coming off of. It appears that they don’t see him fitting into their long-term plans as he’s too similar to Joakim Noah, and they aren’t interested in giving him a long-term deal that would put them over the luxury tax. It’s possible the Bulls look to package Thomas and Hinrich together and land a big time power forward.

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