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The stories from the press conference, whether we can believe them or not


A rundown of Bulls GM Gar Forman's comments at Tuesday's press conference announcing the firing of Vinny Del Negro.

Marc Stein and Bill Simmons on the Bulls 'dysfunction'


Marc Stein and Bill Simmons outs the Bulls as an organization no major free agent would want to play for. And the delay in the firing of Vinny Del Negro isn't helping that perception.

Source: VDN initiated fight


WTF is going on with this team? Now VDN is a bully who pushes Gar and Pax around!??! I'm confused.

Paxson has remade Bulls on fly -- and they're on rise

Remember Andres Nocioni? Larry Hughes? Have you had time to become acquainted with John Salmons? Jerome James? Linton Johnson III?

Armstrong Not Interested In GM Job


When reports circulated that the future of Bulls GM John Paxson might be unstable, the name of former Bulls guard B.J. Armstrong surfaced as a possible successor. But Armstrong, who now represents Derrick Rose, says he is quite content on the other side of the desk. He is not eager to come off the bench to replace Paxson, as he often did as a player. "Being an NBA general manager really is a lot of pressure," Armstrong said Wednesday. "There's so much that goes into the job. I'm having a chance to understand the stress and the strain and the difficulty of that job. I don't wish that on anyone. I'm comfortable with what I'm doing." -- Chicago Tribune


Scoop Jackson on the Bulls (via ESPN 1000)

Well it's Friday and I'm stuck at work, and naturally, I'm "working" by listening to a few podcasts.  Waddle & Silvy had Scoop Jackson on Thursday to discuss the Bulls and I want to share what I...

Paxson on Monsters Recap


A wide array of topics from a long interview. Ranging from how Deng might still have a stress fracture, his relationship with Vinny and the use of Rose in the end of games, a defense of Gordon in response to the hosts attack; a talk about players who don't get it and agents who are unrealistic, who really sent Tim Thomas home last time, and a whole lot more.

Dan McNeil Article on John Paxson


Outstanding article on Pack it in Paxson.

A Look At All Of Pax's Major Moves During His Tenure


The positives and negatives of each move can be argued, but this is a good list of the major moves (and non-moves) Pax has made in his time as GM. He may not be actually leaving, but it's interesting to look back at what he's actually done.


This team needs direction from the top

[From the fanposts. I was hoping a nice trade rumor would bail me out this morning, since I don't feel like discussing yet another close and late loss. I suppose it's improvement of the blowout...

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