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Not that I have interest in equal time, but some good things about Vinny:


As the site header has said for the past couple weeks, and as the last few posts have explained, I'm not overly thrilled at how the inaugural campaign of Vinny Del Negro has been going. That said,...


'league sources': It's Del Negro

[From the Fanposts. I'm  at the point where I won't believe it until there's a press conference. -ed.] According to Mike McGraw's sources : The Bulls have chosen Vinny Del Negro to be their new...

"Who Are Those Guys?" - Background Checks on the Latest Rumored Chicago Bulls Coaching Candidates


A little more background detail on the current likely suspects and a list of the top 10 theoretically available coaches based on winning percentage. Guess what doesn't match up with the interview list?


No Doug Collins after all

[From the FanPosts. I wasn't completely against Collins, but him backing out sits fine. What doesn't is yet another public show of incompetence by the Bulls. Oh well, happy Friday everyone. -ed.] L...


Dwane Casey is the new front-runner?

[From the FanPosts. Dwane Casey deserves a second chance somewhere, he 'coached up' some pretty bad Minnesota teams. But Flip coached them up even more. Still...I wouldn't be entirely against this,...

Oh jeeeeeeez


Latest update of the never-ending coaching search: WSCR-AM (670) reported first and the Sun-Times confirmed that Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf wants to take as much time as he felt necessary...

Waiting for the white smoke


That's for the pope, but this coaching search seems almost as important. Or at least as long. Or maybe the point is smoking must be involved: Contrary to a published report, Bulls general...

Pax can use his dawdling for good this time


Think Doug Collins minds if Paxson is still interviewing and not giving him a contract? Of course not, he's a friend of the organization! So who cares what the reports were. DetroitBadBoys s...

Comfortably dumbfounded


It's still very weird to imagine. Doug Collins? Doug? Collins? This was the "new vibe" Paxson was searching for all these weeks? It can be looked at least as a return to known competence. Any...

Trib: Doug Collins expected to be next Bulls coach


This report from KC Johnson was mentioned earlier today in a (since hidden) fanpost, but that was a first draft, with the idea that Collins could be coming in as either the head coach or an...

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