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Derrick Rose respected in CHI & throughout the league


Article and videos describe the unlimited future of Derrick Rose and the respect he is receiving from fans in Chicago and on the road.

red-hot audio


I spoke with long-time guy Ryan from HoopsAddict on his podcast. There's other interviews, but for those impatient ones out there, fret not: I'm first.

(yet more) KC Johnson on Sports Buffett podcast


Taped Tuesday (I believe) One interesting thing: KC says that the unexpected increase in salary from the #9 to the #1 pick means the Bulls are likely not taking anyone of consequence in the 2nd round, and there's no chance they deal for another 1st rounder.

Clippers trading up to #4?

According to Chad Ford at ESPN, the Clippers have offered their #7 pick and the rights to their pick next season for the Sonics' pick at #4.

Rumor: (Wiz)#18 for (Rockets)Head, #25

Today, on www.hoopsworld.com, a rumor was floated out that the Wizards and Houston Rockets have considered or are considering a deal that would send Washington's 18th pick to Houston for the 25th pick and Luther Head. Head, who averaged 7.6 points on 43.2 percent shooting but was a total nonfactor in the playoffs, is on the hook for $1.9 million this season. If the teams were to pull off such a deal, I'd be very curious to see whether J.J. Hickson, the power forward from North Carolina State would still be around for the Wizards at 25. He's the type of wide-bodied PF the Wizards could use. Real journos are grifting from Hoopsworld now?

Portland buys #27 from Hornets


Must be nice to have Paul Allen's money to speculate on Euros. This may increase their willingness to deal #13... (via the RealGM board)

Pax speaks on pick

[From the FanShots. There's accompanying video here. -ed.] No reveal (obviously), but seems to be leaning towards Rose. From the quotes, it's apparent that Pax is extremely high on both guys. This is certainly in line with Sam Smith's rumor that they are trying to acquire the #2 pick as well. Sounds to me, though, like he's thinking Rose. See for yourself...

Interview with Jerry Colangelo


(podcasts are on the right of that page) Talks about Rose/Beasley, and some VDN.

Ford and Thorpe gab Rose/Beasley


They're more-or-less scared shitless of Beasley's personality.

Tyler Hansbrough is staying in school!

[UPDATE: Bah, caught in my own web of arbitrary rules. Go to the Draft Thread [woo-hoo! -ed.] Thank God. I was scared Paxson would fall in love with his grittiness and hustle.
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