Rip will debut in the Bulls starting lineup Tuesday


The newest Bull, Richard Hamilton, will start Tuesday's final preseason game for the Bulls against the Pacers. Though his role as a starter was expected, the question of when was still up in the...

Rip Hamilton signs three-year deal with Bulls


Richard Hamilton officially signed a three-year deal with the Bulls Wednesday. Two years and $10 million are guaranteed. The third year is a $5.15 million team option.

Rip Hamilton 'expected to sign with Bulls' Wednesday after clearing waivers


The Pistons officially waived Richard Hamilton Monday and is expected to clear the obligatory 48-hour waiver period; after which the Bulls are "expected to sign him" for a couple of seasons at the...

UPDATED -- Mayo trade to Pacers 'close'


Hoopsworld is reporting the O.J. Mayo trade to the Pacers from the Grizzlies is done. Memphis will receive Josh McRoberts and Brandon Rush. McRoberts became expendable with Indy's acquisition of...

Notes from Bulls Media Day: Rose (again) isn't recruiting players this offseason, and moving on from Keith and Kurt


It should be of no surprise that -- like the 2010 offseason, when Rose didn't meet with or call LeBron James, Chris Bosh, etc. -- Rose isn't recruiting free agents the Bulls are targeting to add to...

NBA Rumor: Crawford could go back to Knicks for $5 million, Bulls 'will enter talks' for Howard, Kurt Thomas to Blazers


A lot of fluttering rumors this weekend and another one of the Bulls' targets likely not being landed. The New York Post is reporting the Knicks are in three-way talks with the Hawks and Warriors...

Rip Hamilton waived, 'will most likely join Bulls'


Richard Hamilton will be waived by the Pistons, but not amnestied, so the Pistons are gonna be on the hook for a lot of money.

Day one of NBA free agency signings: Serious tampering allegations against Nets in Howard talks, Grant Hill staying in PHX


At 2 p.m. EST on Friday, NBA teams can begin signing free agents and we'll be updatng in this post, mostly related to teams and players relevant to the Bulls fate.

NBA Rumors and Free Agency News: Chris Paul trade to Lakers (or IS he??), some Bulls options off the board


NBA Teams can begin signing free agents on Friday, but some players have reportedly already come to terms this week, as players met with teams. And the rumors are flying galore.

Microwave Rumors: Nick Young and Knee-Mac want to take their talents to Chicago


Nick Young and Tracy McGrady reportedly, according to sources deliberately cynical leaks, want to be Bulls next season, Yahoo Sports reports.

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