Jo's the Best, Part 2


Everyday I workout, all I think about is how great the party will be after we win the championship.


Jo's the Best


I'm happy for LeBron. He gets to go home; people are happy over there. I really hope we can kick his ass as many times as possible.

Noah at his charity event Friday

Just don't jinx us Grantland


Tentative Winner: Chicago Bulls If Chicago ends up having to use the amnesty provision on Carlos Boozer, it will have paid a heavy price to sign another aging subpar defender to a three-year, $22 million contract. That’s a better deal than most folks around the league expected Chicago to get, and Gasol is a clear upgrade over Boozer. Both were turnstiles on defense last season, but Gasol should perk up playing for a good team under a new coach, and he’s better than Boozer on that end simply by being three inches taller — and by not being Boozer.


Fred's Gone!


Athletic trainer Fred Tedeschi left Bulls after 16 years to take position at Oregon State

KC Johnson (Twitter)



According to one teammate, Butler was unhappy enough that he actually met with coach Tom Thibodeau after Game  2 and voiced his complaints.

Cowley bit on Jimmy really believing the 'buckets' hype. See what you all did to this humble kid?!?



Noah, whose recent "minor" arthroscopic surgery on his right knee involved some cartilage being removed, according to multiple sources

buried in that Aggrey Sam Rose report

how to get depressed about offseason before it starts


Last Wednesday, Forman told reporters that he had studies to support that "grit is the No. 1 factor in having success.''

So, yeah: we're doomed.

Major Announcement Upcoming


Bulls and NBA will announce a postseason award winner at 4 PM.

K.C. Johnson

The Audacity of Hope


"Very confident," Westbrook said when asked about Rose’s return. "I’ve talked to him numerous times. He’s a tough guy, as you guys know. He does a good job of coming out competing. It’s unfortunate he had to be hurt and out another year. But he’s going to come back the same D Rose he was before." Added Kevin Durant: "I’m very confident he’s going to come back. He works extremely hard and the medical staffs that we have in this league, around this country, are so advanced that he’s definitely going to get the right treatment. I’m confident he’s going to come back and I’m sure the organization, the Bulls organization, the Bulls’ fans, are confident, as well."

Philly has Waived Kwame Brown and Darius Morris


Adrian Wojnarowski ✔ @WojYahooNBA Follow Philadelphia has waived Kwame Brown and Darius Morris, league source tells Yahoo Sports. 4:14 PM - 20 Nov 2013

Kwame Brown was the first overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft to the Washington Wizards. He's 31 years old now.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) November 20, 2013
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