The Audacity of Hope

"Very confident," Westbrook said when asked about Rose’s return. "I’ve talked to him numerous times. He’s a tough guy, as you guys know. He does a good job of coming out competing. It’s unfortunate he had to be hurt and out another year. But he’s going to come back the same D Rose he was before." Added Kevin Durant: "I’m very confident he’s going to come back. He works extremely hard and the medical staffs that we have in this league, around this country, are so advanced that he’s definitely going to get the right treatment. I’m confident he’s going to come back and I’m sure the organization, the Bulls organization, the Bulls’ fans, are confident, as well."

Philly has Waived Kwame Brown and Darius Morris

Adrian Wojnarowski ✔ @WojYahooNBA Follow Philadelphia has waived Kwame Brown and Darius Morris, league source tells Yahoo Sports. 4:14 PM - 20 Nov 2013

Kwame Brown was the first overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft to the Washington Wizards. He's 31 years old now.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) November 20, 2013

#TheRift update

The Bulls tripod of Tom Thibodeau, John Paxson and Gar Forman are all in attendance at the United Center....There is an empty chair between Gar and Thibs. But they are together.

Friedell at the UC last night.


Everybody loves Jimmy Butler

Noah at

Paxson responds to the Woj article

‘‘We’re so far past [the Ron Adams firing]. To continue to try and keep it going, I don’t know what the agenda is. That’s one thing that we all talked about, really from the beginning of this year: No one has any agenda here. ‘If you’re really going to say something like that, then go on the record, be a man, put your name out there. Don’t hide behind that stuff. But from our perspective, from our seat, we’re doing great. The relationship is healthy. We all want the same thing, and that’s to be as good as we possibly can out there on the floor.

Paxson to the Sun-Times. And you wonder why he tried to quit to be away from the media, heh. story on Deng's impending free agency

We had several meetings. One was to discuss the medical care he got, or did not get, after his spinal tap [in May], which was of great concern to him.

Deng's agent to David Aldridge. (if you remember...)


Some NBA peeps steadfastly believing that owner Jerry Reinsdorf wanted to hold [Rose] out for the insurance money

Bill Simmons, who DOES have NBA peeps!

Taj speaks his mind on the injury bug

"It’s been happening for the last four years," sighed Taj Gibson. "We always have a good shot. But there’s always this bug that hits us late. It’s frustrating. We always had a good shot. We still have a great shot. But we always seem to end up having guys injured. "We’re always undermanned and have to put forth a lot of energy to make up for bodies we don’t have," Gibson went on, shaking his head. "Tonight we just didn’t have the energy. No excuses. We just did not have it."

sam smith

Nate's Near Triple Double

Nate was one dime short of the Triple Double: 27pts, 9ast, 10 stitches...Heart Hustle and Muscle

Izzy G at ESPN

Belinelli did a $15,000 dance after hitting a big shot in Game 7 against the Nets, but in reality he was describing his entire team in that one gesture.
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