Best Analysis of Bulls Off-Season


This piece is a bit too optimistic by my estimation, but I learned a lot from reading it. This was an interesting off-season and I'm excited about seeing how this comes together.

Hello Nikola!


As expected.

Bulls Reach out to Wade, per Adrian Woj.


Interesting. If this is the real Adrian Wojnarowski.

Bulls have trades in place to offer Melo a Max Deal


"The Bulls, meanwhile, have roster moves lined up that they believe will create enough cap room to lure Anthony, who is eligible for a four-year, $96 million deal if he changes teams. That deal would start at Anthony's max of $22.5 million -- a figure the Bulls would clear if they amnestied Carlos Boozer and traded Taj Gibson and Mike Dunleavy."

Melo Delaying Decision to See if Phil can get LeBron


This article gives the most plausible and optimistic reasoning behind why Melo has waited. Phil Jackson is trying to trade Amare to make room to get LeBron in NY, which won't happen. Melo wants to win but would rather do it in NY, which means that when LeBron doesn't go to NY, we get him.

Noah running for best NBA player on ESPYS


Joah running against KD, LeBron and Griffin

Reggie Rose report


Nillz from the Bulls Show met Reggie Rose late Monday

Mark Deeks with the dream Melo scenario


Mark Deeks breaks down a way to get Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls on a deal worth $84 million, while Chicago also hangs onto: Butler, Gibson, Mirotic, McDermott and maybe even D.J. Augustin. Here's his rotation: C Noah/A. Randolph F Gibson/Mirotic F Anthony/McDermott G Butler G Rose/Augustin

McGraw Suggests Lakers interest could be a ploy from Melo's side


Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald suggests that the supposed interest of Melo's in the Lakers could be a bargaining tool to get a Sign and Trade done to the BULLS, likely involving Boozer since the Knicks have been opposed to this idea and it may be the major roadblock to a deal. He could be saying give me the money and deal me to Chicago or else I'll get close to the full max in LA, aka the home of La La. There's a small chance this is what's going on right now but boy wouldn't it be sweet!

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