Taj Gibson's Epic Putback

Check out this sweet dunk and post dunk celebration by Taj Gibson. As well as great steal by Kirk.

Are Bulls a Bad Organization?

This article is from January, but is pretty interesting. What WERE the Bulls thinking when we traded young Brad Miller and young Artest for old Jalen Rose?

Player-to-Player Passing Frequency Graphic

This is a fairly clever way of representing the information. None of it is ground breaking or even particularly useful, but I thought I would share it here.

McHale: Joakim Noah top defender

That improves Noah's odds against Dwight... I hope

Stop Talking, Neil

This was several days ago, but the lesson, as always, don't listen to Neil Funk. Derrick is "not close" to practicing as of this week, yet Neil is blind to facts and reason. And also who's on the court.

Q&A with Bulls Aficionado Steve Graham

A brief recap of the highs and lows of the 2013-14 Chicago Bulls season, and a series of questions on the state of the team after Sunday's big win over Miami.

Boozer is shutting out the media and behaving poorly.

Here's the relevant quotation from Cowley's article: "Whether it’s a lack of playing time in the fourth quarter or the reality that his contract could be amnestied this summer, there seems to be a disconnect lately between Carlos Boozer and the media. Case in point: Asked to talk to awaiting reporters after a recent practice, Boozer declined and said loudly, "I don’t give a damn.’’ Tom Thibodeau was asked on Monday if he thought Boozer was less engaged because of his diminished role. The Bulls coach defended his power forward but also made it obvious who is calling the shots on minutes in crunch time. "We’re at the time of the year where we need everyone at their best,’’ Thibodeau said. "We have to put maximum work into it. Everyone has a job to do. You have to put the team first. … If you play well, you’re going to play.’’ Holy crap! He is really starting to become a problem player, which you never could say about him in the past.

Phil rumored for Knicks job.

If more than just a Broussard rumor, does this mean no 'Melo? Or does Phil not really matter unless he's a coach?

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