Summer League!

With all this Melo-drama we forget what really matters: Summer Camp!

To start, we shall have McDermott (aka McD, McBuckets, Murderbot ¹, Big Mac, Xtra Hot Sauce, ROY, McPeanuts, Dougie, Hot Dougie, ...). We've read comparisons, expectations and pre-draft analysis. Now we will begin to see him in action and hope he can translate to the nba some of this:

Then we have the new bloke Cameron Bairstow who also looks like can add something in his highlights² but reminds me too much of the White Panther for now. The Bulls however seem to be high on him; Adam Fluck even said that "The Bulls moved up on draft night to acquire Doug McDermott. They almost did the same for Cameron Bairstow." At least Bairstow doesn't seem to have the same shitty personality as Aaron Gray and might bring some more Snell anedoctes.

Last but not least we have to wonder if Mirotic (aka The Messiah, Kevin Love Bait ³ , You-are-good-but-I-wanted-Melo, Dirk 2.0, Kukoc 2.0, the missing piece...) will play or not. It seems a long shot because of the rumors of injury and the process of bringing him in itself. But the sooner we learn what we got, the better.

So here is the Bulls schedule for the Summer League:

  • 07.12 - 5:30 PM – Chicago vs. LA Clippers
  • 07.13 - 5 PM – Chicago vs. Denver
  • 07.15 - 1:30 PM – Chicago vs. Minnesota
  • following games are based on seed position

And here is the full schedule

UPDATE: Roster announced

3 Doug McDermott F 6-8 225 01/03/92 Creighton/USA R
6 Kendall Williams G 6-4 180 07/03/91 New Mexico/USA R
8 Brandon Paul G 6-4 200 04/30/91 Illinois/USA R
11 Lazeric Jones G 6-1 187 08/11/90 UCLA/USA R
17 Billy Baron G 6-2 195 12/11/90 Canisius/USA R
20 Tony Snell G 6-7 215 11/10/91 New Mexico/USA 1
25 Austin Freeman G 6-3 226 05/06/89 Georgetown/USA R
31 David Wear F 6-10 230 09/21/90 UCLA/USA R
35 Chad Posthumus C 6-11 265 02/12/91 Morehead State/Canada R
41 Cameron Bairstow F 6-9 250 12/07/90 New Mexico/Australia R
42 Lance Thomas F 6-8 225 04/24/88 Duke/USA 3
54 Davante Gardner F/C 6-8 290 09/02/91 Marquette/USA R


1) Murderbot really sucks
2) pay attention to his speed at 0:15 in the highlights
3) I didn't remember that the Wolves used to have Mirotic's right before us

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