Reaching For The Stars



While July 1st has come and gone the basketball world is still waiting for some answers. Most notable where will Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony take their talents. Along with other superstars on the market such as Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and Pau Gasol. So far there have not been as many early moves as experts have anticipated, it looks like a lot of the mid level players are waiting to see where the big names go.

The most notable re-signings have been Dirk with the Mavericks, Kyle Lowry with theRaptors, and Marcin Gortat with the Wizard. A few smaller name players have also switched teams with Shaun Livingston headed to the Warriors, Chris Kaman to the Trailblazers, Darren Collison to the Kings, and Thabo Sefolosha headed to the Hawks. There have been rumors of Paul Pierce going to the Clippers, but it looks like the Netshave stalled the possible sign and trade deal. Luol Deng is also receiving interest from the Hawks and there is word going around that Nick Young is willing to take a pay cut to stay in LA.

What everybody wants to know though is where are the big names headed and right now all there have been are some meetings and rumors of possible super teams being constructed. Are Carmelo and Lebron really going to start a new team of super friends in Phoenix? Or is Carmelo going to join Kobe in LA or will Carmelo and Lebron head to LA? Is Pau Gasol the missing piece in OKC? Will there be a Big 4 in Miami? Carmelo could head to the Bulls or is he going to the Rockets to steal Jeremy Lin's number? Are the fans in Cleveland going to start digging their Lebron jerseys out of the trash and if Lebron goes back to the Cavs when and where will the first King James and Johnny Football sighting take place? The possibilities are endless and my head is about to explode just trying to comprehend what next season could bring.

The possibilities don't stop there either, once the big names choose their destination all the NBA teams looking to contend are going to go into "Plan B" mode. There are plenty of mid-level talents out there that could give your team the final push to bring home a ring. There are names out there like Evan Turner, Andray Blatche, Lance Stephenson,Danny Granger, Wesley Johnson, Shawn Marion, Josh McRoberts, and Trevor Ariza. Will any team give the often sidelined big men Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum another shot? And is this the year that the old man Jermaine O'Neal hangs it up? How far will teams reach and overspend this year?

Which team is going to put the perfect formula of new and old talent and become next years Spurs? The next week or so we will all have a good idea of what teams will be competing for a ring and what teams will be competing for next years top draft picks. Until then I will be checking my ESPN apps until my fingers bleed. One thing is for sure though none of us want to witness the awkwardness of a Decision 2.

By Rocco Humberstone

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