Dragic for Rose? Am I insane?

For some reason, I'm in love with Goran Dragic. I really am. So much so, I'd be willing to trade Rose to the Suns. Now I know Reinsdorf would never be up for it, but I love the idea of sending Rose to the Suns. It would open up cap space for us, and we could keep our current roster with the addition of Melo (I'd much rather have Love, and there's another option for him). This could work in a variety of ways, but I'll just go through a couple of scenarios I've concocted in my mind. While reading, keep in mind this is my first post and I'm just spitballing ideas I've thought of on my own. If I have anything completely wrong or you disagree with, feel free to tear me apart, I'm willing to take the criticism (which is mostly the reason why I'm writing this in the first place).

Option 1 (Melo): Send Rose and the #19 pick, and in return get Dragic, Green, and the #27 pick.

Why Phoenix does it:

Do I sound crazy yet? Hear me out. Phoenix is getting exactly what they want. They want a superstar who can lead the team, and they want young assets. They'll be getting a higher draft pick, and a guy who can attract other big time players i.e. Kevin Love (if I'm not mistaken they've been targeting) in free agency next year. Of course they're giving up two of their biggest assets, but that's the price for a superstar and they know it.

Why the Bulls do it:

Scary? Risky? Can Dragic and Green fit into our system? Can they keep up their stellar 2013-2014 campaigns on a completely new roster with a new system? That's where it gets iffy, scary, and where I wanna pull out. But after all it's just a scenario. If the Bulls organization is in win now mode, this isn't a bad option at all. We get two more scoring options at a low price, depth at the guard position which we all know is a major priority, and gives us some wiggle room with more cap space especially if we amnesty boozer. Now would melo come without Rose? That's another big question. We'd have to make sure he'd be on board with the new roster.

Option 2 (Love): Three team trade: Phoenix receives Derrick Rose, Shabazz Muhammad, Rights to Mirotic, #19 pick (Bulls); Minnesota receives Taj Gibson, Morris twins, P.J. Tucker, #16 pick (Hornets via Bulls) #27 (Pacers via Suns) ; Bulls receive Dragic, Love, Green

Why the Bulls do it:

So we give up Rose, Taj Gibson, Our rights to Mirotic, and 2 first rounders... Well that seems like quite a bit. In return, we're getting Dragic, a solid point guard, Green, and offensive guy who can go off at any moment, and Love who is a franchise power forward kind of guy. So how do we benefit after giving up so much? Dragic is just as good at penetrating as Rose, is a formidable passer and can run the floor with Love as demonstrated last year on his Suns roster who loved to get out and run, and he played with a worse version of Love in Channing Fry (only reason I make that comparison is because he is a well known stretch 4). Can you imagine Love and Dragic running together? Now that would be fun. Love is obviously an offensive upgrade from Gibson, and we can get past some of his defensive blips with Noah protecting the rim. Finally, Green is just a nice little sweetener to the deal for more depth at the guard position. In this scenario, we're guaranteed at getting a star while giving up Rose which is why it might be better than the first option/

Why the Wolves do it:

In the projected trade right now straight up with the wolves, we're sending Mirotic and our two picks along with Taj. What would you rather have? The number 19 pick and mirotic, or the #27 pick, PJ Tucker and the Morris twins? It's a tossup in my mind, and they'd essentially be getting the same value for Love, but in the end they're getting more than before.

Why the Suns do it:

See the reasons from option one for Rose and the 19 pick. Shabazz is basically the Beasley project 2.0 (Good luck with that), and they get Mirotic who is a nice upgrade from Channing.

Well that's all I got. Let me know what you all think, I love to hear opinions from others. Am I absolutely crazy for even thinking about this? Let's hear it.

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