In which I speculate on Joe Johnson to the Bulls

Keep in mind I'm not arguing for this, just lining up some thoughts:

* I can see the Bulls being scared of Melo on a four year deal. Johnson would only be on the remaining two years of his deal.

* A two year deal would line up with Noah's contract, making them FAs at the same time and giving probably more options to the Bulls in the summer of 2016.

* Johnson is a SG with a very effective 3 point shot and a good handle.

* Derrick Rose seemed to want him back in 2010.

* He's got the Arn Tellem agent connection.

* The Nets are in utter disarray after Jason Kidd's unsuccessful power play against Billy King. Who would have thought King had that much juice. Anyway, it seems like a natural breakpoint at which the Nets may be willing to dump some of their expensive older players and not pay $200M for a non-contending team.

* With the Bulls spending a lot of resources on McDermott, my assumption is they want him to play and think he can play nearly immediately. So I think it's pretty unlikely they'll spend much money to bring in guys like Chandler Parsons or Gordon Hayward, who basically duplicate what we've already got. They're good player, but they're not so good that it makes sense to go out and spend that much on them.

* I think the Bulls would try to make it work with Melo if he really is set on coming here, but Melo is an order of magnitude better player than Parsons.

* I think the Bulls need a SG much more than they need a SF. The SG crop in free agency, and in trade, is really pretty terrible. When you factor in the "risk" of long contracts and giving up assets, paying too much for two years to a known commodity like Johnson may be preferable to tying yourself to Lance Stephenson for four years or completely going without.

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