Plans A,B,C,D or E

Plan A. Getting Carmelo Anthony

Amnesty Carlos Boozer to get down to $13 mil in space Trade(realistic) Taj for a Future 1st to clear another $8 mil and trade MDJ for a late first (Thunder at 29) to clear another $2.4 have a total of $23.4 mil in space then S&T the 29th and 49th pick for Melo to a full 4 year $96 mil at $24mil per year to put us over the cap so we can get the full MLE to bring Mirotic over and BAE to DJ. we still have 16 & 19 to draft PG Elfrid Payton & PF Adrain Payne. sign VC to the Vet Min.

Line up of


Jimmy/ Snell

Melo/ VC

Mirotic/ Payne

Noah/ Smith

I know its a shity deal for NYC but we would a little leverage since we cleared almost enough space for Melo to sign a near max deal. and I believe Mirotic and Payne are good PF to have to space the floor for Rose and Melo. and Thibs would have to decide which rookie to start haha.

Plan B. Getting Kevin Love

straight up trade Boozer + Taj + MDJ + 16 & 19($30.7 including the draft picks) for Love + Kevin Martin & JJ Barea ($26.9) we save 3.8 mil hoping Mirotic takes that for one and then we fill the roster with Vet min guys

Line up of

Rose/ Barea

Martin/ Snell

Jimmy/ Vet min

Love/ Mirotic


we keep Mirotic nice 6th man hopefully space the floor just like Love add a shooter in Martin who also doesn't play D so we keep Jimmy for his D.

Plan C. Eric Bledsoe

Amnesty Boozer for $13 mil in space and doing a S&T with the Suns they need a PF lets offer MDJ + Mirotic + 19th pick & Sac pick for Eric Bledsoe signing a 4 year deal $60 mil $15 mil Per year. have the 16th pick for Payne, Payton, Hood, LaVine or Young (im gonna go with Payne) we'd have about a Mil in cap space to sign a back up PG Aaron Brooks.

line up of

Rose/ Brooks

Bledsoe/ Snell

Jimmy/ Vet min

Taj/ Payne

Noah/ Smith

we would have a small back court but Bledsoe is a hell of a Defender (6'1 with a 6'8 wingspan) and he can handle the ball and create for himself.

Plan D. Lance "nutso" Stephenson

of course Amnesty Boozer get $13 mil in space sign Lance for $9 mil and Mirotic for $4 mil and draft 16 and 19 I'm gonna take Elfrid Payton and Kyle Anderson. I know Lance is Crazy but he did lead the nba in Triple Doubles and throwing woman down stairs. he can help this team he plays ok D and can create and help handle the ball.

line up of

Rose/ Payton

Lance/ Snell

Jimmy/ Anderson

Taj/ Mirotic

Noah/ Smith.

Plan E. BLOW IT ALL UP (the most unrealistic craziest plan every)

Amnesty Boozer get 13 mil trade Noah to the Cavs for #1 pick (saves $7.5). Trade Taj to the Horncats for the #9 pick (saves $6) trade 16 & 19 to Denver for 11 (save 800K) then trade 9 & 11 to the Jazz for 5 (saves 900k) so we would have about $28 mil in cap space. Sign Melo outright at max wich is 4 year $96 mil. $24 mil per. give that next $4 mil to Shaun Livingston and Brand for the Vet min. and a homecoming. then Draft Wiggins or Parker at 1 (I take Parker he's a Chicago kid & I think he's better) and at 5 take Noah Vonleh.

Lineup of

Rose/ Livingston

Jimmy/ Snell

Jabari/ MDJ

Melo/ Brand

Vonleh/ Smith

we have a small lineup but alot of the nba is going to that now and we don't have a problem scoring anymore and still have Jimmy to defend the Best Wings. and with a Thibs Dust Vonleh could develop into a decent defender. not a great bench but a solid one Livingston as 6th man to give Rose a break and lessen his work load. still have bench shooting in Snell and MDJ and Brand can bang with some bigs if need be.

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