The Melo-Afflalo plan

In the last couple of days, we've seen different reports about the Melo saga. However, something new appeared: apparently, the Bulls are trying to go after Arron Afflalo too. On paper, this seems to be contradictory - getting Afflalo will mean less space on the cap and no Melo. But can the org be thinking ahead and actually creating a plan to get both of them?

Step 1: Amnesty Boozer

No problem with this (except convincing Jerry). This should be a given under the current circumstances, but hey, you never know with the Bulls.

Step 2: Trade Taj and the 16th pick in the draft for a S&Ted Melo, with a 5 year, 105 million deal starting at 19.5M

This is where I think gets complicated. The Knicks can easily gamble that Melo won't leave and leave the deal on the table. The Bulls could not find a trade for Taj in which they don't receive anything this year, thus having to clear more space (Jimmy, MDJ) and making the team less desirable for Melo.

But if Melo wants to join the Bulls, I think the Knicks could (and should) take this deal. Taj's deal would put the Knicks in the tax next year, but they would still get a great PF at a very decent price, plus a pick for this draft. Hell, they could even use the pick to dump someone like Felton or Smith, clear space for 2015/16 and avoid the tax. All while getting a very good player for Melo.

Step 3: Trade the unguaranteed contracts, Snell and the 19th pick for Afflalo

I think this is easily obtainable too. The Magic get a decent pick plus another "prospect". The only downside is that we'll have to do this after the draft, which might cause some issues.

If all these moves are done, the Bulls can end up with:

Rose, Afflalo, Melo, Noah, Butler, Dunleavy, Smith

They would still have the players exception (I think it is something close to 2M) . I say get a defensive minded PF with that, and use the the minimum to sign veterans for backup PG and depth; I won't mind Lavoy Allen or/and Elton Brand in a Bogans plan with Melo playing backup. I wouldn't even mind bringing back Kurt at the minimum. We can get something like:


Hinrich/Butler/Dunleavy/Brand/Smith/2nd round picks

So, guys, what do you think?

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