Chicago Bulls rumors: Bulls looking to trade up, or out

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

A quick roundup of stuff from Wednesday, as you can imagine there's a lot of noise.

One bit that was intriguing was from Chris Mannix of, in something that kind of jives with earlier reports that the Bulls are actually being active:

Chicago is aggressively trying to move its two first-round picks, according to rival executives. The Bulls are believed to be looking for either a veteran scorer or the chance to move up in the draft to select a young wing player with scoring potential.

This could be the long-held notion that the Bulls simply don't want to think of playing (or paying...) two rookies this season, especially considering a possible Mirotic signing would be a sorta-rookie himself.

Then again, it could be bigger: Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love are veteran scorers, right? Unfortunately, there wasn't anything (from anyone I find credible, anyway) directly linking the Bulls to either star player Wednesday.

But there was a lot going on with Love suitors in general, including a new one in the Denver Nuggets. Chad Ford was pretty emphatic in saying the Celtics were in the lead, but the reports from Boston say the opposite: the Celtics don't have the NBA-ready talent that the Timberwolves supposedly want. Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe has sources saying the Celtics aren't even in the top-3 (and the Bulls are):

Furthermore, those sources again stressed that because Timberwolves president Flip Saunders named himself head coach, he is more directly responsible for wins and losses, making it likely he'd prefer proven players over draft picks in a deal.

"They want to win now," said another league source. 'They want to be competitive now, with or without Kevin. These draft picks aren't going to do that. So if they're going to move Kevin, they're going to get two or three guys that can help them win now."

"The last thing that they want is egg in the face," a league source said of the Timberwolves. "They want to prove to Kevin that they can win without him."

If that's indeed what the Wolves want, then Chicago is in good position to capitalize. However a lower emphasis on draft picks could also mean that Minnesota doesn't have the urgency to deal Love before the draft.

Meanwhile, in New York: Carmelo Anthony news has been quiet since it was reported that a last-ditch effort by the Knicks to get him to opt-in failed, but he appeared late Wednesday and had nothing but good things to say about his meeting with Phil Jackson and the hiring of Derek Fisher as head coach. Though all indications are that he'll still opt-out of his current contract and be a free agent, the Knicks do have incumbency on their side, which I suppose is something. Along with the money.

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