3-Team Kevin Love Trade Idea

3-way trade idea for Orlando, Minnesota, and Chicago by the deadline:

  • CHI SENDS: Carlos Boozer + Taj Gibson + Mike Dunleavy + the 16th pick + 19th pick + draft rights to Nikola Mirotic ($16.8M + $8M + $3M = $27.8M) CHI GETS: Kevin Love + Arron Afflalo + Moe Harkless + $15.6M + $7.75M + 1.8M = $25.15M)
  • MIN SENDS: Kevin Love ($15.6M) MIN GETS: Taj Gibson + Mike Dunleavy + Andrew Nicholson + draft rights to Nikola Mirotic + the 19th pick ($8M + $3M + 1.4M = $12.4M). MIN WAIVES Jason Maxiell.
  • ORL SENDS: Arron Afflalo + Jason Maxiell + Moe Harkless + Andrew Nicholson ($7.75M + $2.5M + $1.8M + $1.4M = $13.53M) ORL GETS: Carlos Boozer + the 16th pick ($16.8M)

Why it Works:

1) Orlando has no PF. They are starting Kyle O'Quinn. Carlos Boozer can be an immediate starter on this squad and they get a pick for Arron Afflalo which is likely to not sign again in Orlando. All the other players are just bench depth and not in their long-term plans. Moe Harkless is not as good in numbers as Tobias Harris.

2) MIN gets two immediate starters + the Spaniard Mirotic which will consider signing next to Ricky Rubio and a very European squad they have.

3) CHI gets Kevin Love and Arron Afflalo while keeping Jimmy Butler. It costs them both picks and Mirotic (which will never start in Chicago if they get a young star PF like Love). They also get rid of Boozer while staying over the cap to still have the MLE to build depth behind their acquisition. Getting Love or Carmelo will be offense at the expense of defense, so keeping Butler is very important since he can plan both SG and SF roles. This scenario moves Butler back to the SF since he has not proven his jump shot to hold the SG role and as SF he can be set to guard the leagues best offensive players like Durant, LeBron, Paul George, Carmelo, and now Leonard the Finals MVP.

ORL Roster:

1) Dante Exum (4th pick) / Jameer Nelson

2) Victor Oladipo / E'twan Moore

3) Tobias Harris / (12th pick)

4) Carlos Boozer / Kyle O'Quinn - current starter(16th pick)

5) Nikola Vucevic / Dewayne Dedmon

MIN Roster:

1) Ricky Rubio / JJ Barea

2) Kevin Martin / Dunleavy / Alexey Shved

3) Corey Brewer / Shabazz Mohammed / Chase Budinger

4) Taj Gibson / Luc Mbah a Moute / Dante Cunningham

5) Gorgui Dieng / Ronny Turiaf / Nikola Pekovic

CHI Roster:

1) Rose / DJ (BAE)

2) Afflalo / Snell

3) Butler / Harkless

4) Love / (MLE make offer to Gasol to share minutes with Love and Noah)

5) Noah / Smith / (2nd round pick)

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