The big 2014 Free Agent: LeBron

Let me start by saying I think the bulls "2014 Plan" should start with ‘Melo and be followed closely by Love. However, I must say that I'm surprised nobody is talking about the other big free agent that will be in play.


I know (and believe) all of the reasons that make him seem as unlikely an option as possible. First, he burned us in the past. Secondly, I believe there is now way he can or will leave Miami and take the heat like he did after "The Decision". Third, I’m sure Reinsdorf will be all hurt and jaded by the first rejection like the drunk girl that appears in every season of the Real World, watching her guy grinding drunkenly against with some hot, flashier girl he just picked up.

That being said, there are a lot of reasons that speak to this being a possibility that should at least be investigated.

1) The latest rumors have Lebron willing to take 14 Mill/year to play on a superstar team. It would actually be easy for us to meet both of those criteria.

2) Lebron seriously considered us before.

3) Lebron wants to maximize his chance to get to at least 6 championships, spending the next 5 years with the corpse of Wade eating up a quarter of the cap will at least give us a valid argument to use as a foot in the door.

4) We can make the best argument for providing him with a roster tailor-made to support him:

a. He is aging as evidenced by the drop in his defensive numbers, we can allow him to begin narrowing his focus especially in that department.

b. If signed outright, we can offer 4 first round picks in 2 years being added to an already young team.

c. Unlike the Heat, we have a coach that is actually competent and probably stands a decent chance of earning his respect.

d. We can remove ‘initiating the offense’ from his list of responsibilities.

I’m sure there are other reasons that I’m much too lazy to consider (both pro and con). I'm simply surprised that this is not being talked about more. Making a play for Lebron is a necessary move in my opinion. At the very least, it forces the Heat front office to play some defense rather than simply marshalling all of their energies towards ganking ‘Melo. Additionally, it improves the odds that Lebron sees the light and moves on from the Heat (which is easily his worst option this summer, assuming Wade stays in "Miami Wade County"). If he does move, then it’s either to us or the West which is a net-positive. And, if he does move, it removes one more contender for ‘Melo which means we enjoy more reason to illogically suspect that Reinsdorf will green-light his first truly aggressive front-office moves since the late 80’s.

Of course, I would still think the Bulls priorities would need to be 1) Melo 2) Love and then Lebron. But, if GorPax are as savvy as we’d like to think they are, he’d at least be an option they would pursue. …Maybe the 2014 Plan won’t turn out to be so unsatisfying after all.

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