Bulls/Knicks/Rockets Trade Idea

My first post on here but I was inspired by an idea from the 3 team trade idea by piccolomair's post yesterday

Teams: Bulls, Knicks, Rockets


Bulls- Getting Melo without pulling a Dever-like trade to get him

Knicks- Clear salary without being completely unwatchable and to not take long term contracts back

Rockets- Push Parson's salary "issue" onto another team (accept option or waive it and he becomes RFA), but staying competitive and freeing up $$ for summer of 2015

The Trade:

Bulls Receive: Carmelo Anthony & Chandler Parsons

Knicks Receive: Jeremy Lin, Mike Dunleavy, Donatas Motiejunas, 2014 CHI 1st Round Pick (after draft)

Rockets Receive: Carlos Boozer, 2014 CHI 1st Round Pick (via CHA), 2015 Chicago 1st Round Pick

I think that this accomplishes what the 3 teams would want, with Houston being the wildcard in this. My initial thinking is that this would free up space for Houston since they wouldn't have to figure Parson's salary into the equation and allow them to make a run at Love, Gasol, Kyrie, etc... to create a true "big 3" if they wanted to next offseason. It also gives Houston 2 first rounders that they can use for their own or for leverage if they wanted to. Boozer wouldn't have to be the rebounder/post guy that the Bulls wanted, but he can provide some midrange shooting to free the lanes up a bit for Harden (something that Dwight and Asik dont have).

This allows for NYK to get something of value for Melo and keep salary off the books for the summer of 2015, while getting a 1st rounder as well.

This also allows the Bulls to get Melo and get someone who can shoot in Parsons, while keeping the core intact.

My biggest concern is that maybe HOU isnt getting enough or that CHI isnt giving up enough. That is why I have 2 picks going to HOU instead of NYK. My thought was that CHI needs to keep Rose, Butler, Noah, Taj, and the rights to Mirotic. So to do that, we would have to utilize the 3 picks we have in the next 2 drafts. We could always add Snell if we need to as well.

A concern I have is that now Parsons salary "issue" is our problem and to be honest I didn't quite figure out if that could work for the future or not. But we would still have the MLE for this season to bring over Mirotic if we wanted, as well as the 3 non-guaranteed salaries we could use as a trade chip to pick up another player if needed.

What do you think? Possible?

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