Throwing Shit at the Wall - A Bulls/Knicks/Pistons trade idea

3 team trade:

Bulls, Knicks, Pistons

The Goal

Bulls - To get melo and keep the core of their basketball team

Knicks - To pave the way for the future by Aquiring picks, getting rid of bad players, and getting some good players.

Pistons - To get rid of some bad contracts, surround their very good players with veteran players and become a real player in the east

The trade

Bulls Trade- Boozer, 2 first rounders to Pistons, brewer (not guaranteed), Sacramento Pick, and future 1st to Knicks

Pistons Trade-Josh Smith and their 8th pick to New York, 2nd round pick to Chicago

Knicks Trade- Melo to chicago, Shumpert to the Pistons

I believe this accomplishes everyones goals. The knicks lose melo, but get a psuedo star in Josh Smith. This might work for the knicks as the Zen Master does a great job with talent (even if its crazy talent) and Josh Smith is a very talented player (just dumb...?). They get a lottery pick this season (which i think the pistons could probably put a protection on to make top 5 protected just in case). This season is a wash for the knicks, but they gain a great start going forward.

The pistons is the one worth explaining. In this scenerio the pistons put themselves in a great position. They can and probably should do a sign and trade with Monroe and/or Stuckey to either move up in the draft (with the bulls picks) or just to get some future assets available. Boozer is an expiring but he can fit the role that monroe had. Drummond becomes the star he should be (for some reason drummond and monroe cannot coexist). The pistons do give up a lottery pick (potentially) but they still get two solid first round picks that they can use to add some talent.

The bulls one i think works. Yes we lose the two picks, yes we lose snell...but i think melo is well worth the cost given the type of team we will have.

Rose/Dj (bi annual)/Kirk
Taj/amundson(??)Mirotic(MLE or Room)

Thats 12 players and IM sure the bulls can sign some vet min players to fill up the remaining roster and they have 2 second round picks to do something with. Your pg position is shored up to withstand injury. Butler is your only real sg essentially but you can cut the time with kirk a little allowing rose and dj to take up most of the pg spots. Melo and Mdj are perfect at sf. Amundson and his non guaranteed contract are still there. Maybe he can finally be useful for us! If not we can ditch him early and sign someone else i guess.

Minute breakdown for bulls


Rose only plays 28 minutes because you know injuries plus Dj will do well with more minutes history seems to show. Kirk I moved primarily as the backup 2, but its only 4 minutes a quarter which is more breather than Butler normally gets. This should keep kirk healthy as well in case someone goes down and he does need to play a lot more minutes. Mdj Is in a similar boat to kirk, he can be slotted at teh 2 if the bulls want to go big i guess. I dont expect Mirotic to play big minutes before really proving himself, if lou isnt there Id think taj gets closer to 40 as opposed to mirotic getting closer to 10...that can change if mirotic ends up being a beast.

The center position is pretty obvious. Smith coming off an injury isnt going to get a ton of burn unless he proves himself. The bulls could sign a backup big (MITCH MCGRADY!!!!) but id expect do their whole stash and wait gig with some international prospect again.

Rose/Butler/Melo/Taj/Noah become the bulls core 5 for the next 4 years, this core under thibs should go deep into the playoffs all 4 seasons, but the bench is going to have to be on the mark (and the core healthy) for them to win a championship. I think this team is capable of doing so.

Your thoughts?

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