Chinese NBA fans invent a unit of measurement for the trade value of a player: the Roy Hibbert

I'm not one to do fanposts but this one combines two of my favorite things: NBA-related humor and shitting on Roy Hibbert.

Greetings from China! Allow me to introduce Reddit to a brand new currency - the HibbertCoin.

Since the beginning of Hibbert's poor performance streak at the end of the regular season, members on Hupu (a major basketball forum in China) have been finding ways to make fun of him.

After G1 of Pacers and Hawks, someone made such comment on the postgame thread "Omer Asik can be traded for 5 Roy Hibberts." Another replied "Is Hibbert a unit for measuring trade value and performance now?" A couple of days later, an article that translates the Reddit link "If the Pacers lose in the first round who bedcomes available in trade?" (Yes Chinese NBA fans have been translating Reddit r/nba links into Chinese and posting them on Hupu) was posted and one member comments below:

"Take '1 Asik = 5 Hibberts' as international norms, David West = 7 Hibberts, George Hill = 4 Hibberts, Paul George = 10 Hibberts, Scola = 3 Hibberts, etc etc. The Hibbert-net-worth of the Indiana Pacers is 46 Hibberts. Let's see who we can get with this much Hibberts."

This comment was upvoted to the comment of the day and the idea of using Hibbert as a unit for trading value has taken over Hupu. Comments like "Hibbert has standardized the system of trade measures. His contribution to NBA equals ‘The First Emperor of Qin' to China." and "The HibbertCoin has circulated throughout the country. It is by far the most stable currency on the market, with an inflation rate of absolutely 0." have made the HibbertCoin well-known and one article that suggests Hupu uses HibbertCoin as its official online currency was put on the home page, making HibbertCoin more popular than ever.

Earlier today the term HibbertCoin has been uploaded to Baidupedia (the Chinese Wikipedia) and is currently pending.

The link below takes you to the Hupu article [Hupupedia: HibbertCoin]. I basically translated the whole page but please visit so you can see actual pictures of the HibbertCoin.

[Via this reddit post]

So what do you guys think is the Hibbert-net-worth (gross domestic Hibberts?) of the Bulls?

  • Noah: 10 Hibberts
  • Taj: 7 Hibberts
  • MDJ: 4 Hibberts
  • Jimmy: 5 Hibberts
  • Rose: ?? Hibberts

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