Blog-A-Melo Jr.

Reading the Original Blog-A-Melo and its following comments, sparked a couple of ideas in my head. And instead of writing a long ass comment, which has happened before. I figured I'd go the Fanpost route. These are my issues with the Melo chase:

1. Why does everyone include the 2014 1st's?

Whether the picks are kept, consolidated to move up, attached to a vet, or traded away for nothing but cap space, they won't be going to the Knicks in a Melo trade. For that to happen there would have to be an agreement before the draft, Melo wants to be recruited, he won't make a decision before the draft. Even if, the Knicks really liked the guys we drafted at #16 and #19, those guys couldn't be traded for 30 days after the Draft. I'm sure Carmelo would like to have a deal done before he goes to USA Training Camp. Perhaps, the teams could come to a handshake agreement over a deal, but that's a long time to wait to make something official in my opinion, too many variables could pop up. So keep dreaming for a trade up for Staukas or whoever. My personal favorite scenario is to stay put and have James Young and Adreian Payne fall into our laps at #16 and #19.

2. It all depends on if Melo wants to be here...

He wants the "Dwight Howard" treatment. So basically in my mind, you bring he and the family in and give them the grandest tour of the city, first day of the visit. Then, send the wife and kid out on an adventure 2nd day, while Melo and the team talk business. Limo service to Berto, where he gets out and is welcomed to the building by Thibs with a gym bag. Guides him to the locker room, past the championship trophies, and tells him. "Go head get a couple of shots up while we talk about details with your agent, get a feel for the digs." Melo walks out onto the court and DRose, Noah, and Taj are out there waiting for him. After a spirited 2 on 2, where DRose gives him a sneak peek of the 2nd Coming, he goes up hears the spiel from Gar Paxsdorf. Melo forces sign and trade, he wants to play with Taj, not have him sent off. Great fantasy I know, but could be a very real possibility. We already know about Noah's recruiting effort, and it wouldn't hurt have some extra prodding from a HoF at a certain celebrity wedding.

3. A new Bench Mob.....What's the right kind of nothing for Dunleavy?

I'm under the impression that the Bull to move will be Dunleavy, not Taj. Best case scenario is that you try to send him to a contender for a draft pick or picks, And if I had my way they would be picks in this year's draft. More than likely you wouldn't get a 1st for Dunleavy, but I wouldn't rule out Phoenix, the Clippers, or OKC who would all be looking for veteran shooting, and have 3 of the last 4 picks in this year's 1st round. But if you want to get the most bang for your ex-Buck, target Dallas with 2 2nd round picks. Dunleavy for #34 and #50, is no hit whatsoever to Dallas' cap situation, and it leaves them at least one nice complementary piece to go with Dirk and all their cap space. That would give the Bulls 5 picks in this year's draft, with 3 of those being 2nd round picks. Yes, we all know that Thibs doesn't play rookies, but if you can find 3 potential players out those 5 picks, you're going a long way to being able to sustain an high salary team. Everyone can't get paid, young cheap talent is the way to go.

4. Look for a 3rd team.

I really don't think that NY is going take on Boozer's contract in a S&T, they already have 3 huge expirings so that's not a bonus to them, and Boozer is worse than 2 of the 3 (Bargs being the lone bum). And I really I don't see the Bulls taking J.R. Smith or Felton in order for the Knicks to take Boozer. That leaves me to believe that the FO will be looking for a 3rd team to facilitate a trade. Your most likely suspects will be teams with cap space already. Utah, Philly, Phoenix, LA Lakers, Cleveland, Orlando, and Detroit are the teams with the most potential space going into this offseason. Let's ex out Utah and Cleveland, my guess is they've had their fill of Boozer already. Phoenix wants to win now, so adding Boozer doesn't really mesh with their philosophy. Doubt the Lakers want him, or want to help us get Melo. Orlando maybe. That leaves Philly and Detroit, and they just so happen to be perfect trade partners. Philly because they aren't expected to win anytime soon, so adding Boozer actually helps them in the quest for high draft picks. And they have some pieces would could thrown back to the Knick as trade fodder. Detroit, because they may be ready to move on from some of their pieces in a management change.

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