Bulls Offseason--Outsiders Perspective

Let me preface this by stating that I am a Philadelphia 76ers fan. I’m not sure if you Chicagoans are aware, but the Bulls are a hot topic on our blog site ( Why, you might ask…

We (Sixers Fans) are under the assumption that the Bulls need to get rid of Carlos Boozer’s contract in order to pursue Carmelo, with the notion your front office would much rather trade him than use the amnesty provision. You guys have picks 16 &19, and we are obsessed with collecting future assets, considering we will not be a competitive team for the foreseeable 3-4 years. I read in one of your previous FanPosts that in order to clear space for melo, you need to get rid of Boozer, Snell, and picks 16 & 19. Would you be willing to ship all of that to Philadelphia for the space to sign Carmelo? We will have upwards of 27 million dollars in cap room and I feel like this deal would be beneficial towards both sides. We also have 5 second round picks, a few of them we can return in the deal.

With a lineup of Rose, Butler, Melo, Gibson, Noah…with Augustin/Mirotic on the bench. I believe with this lineup, assuming D-Rose is healthy, you guys would instantly be favorites to win the NBA title.

For the record---If I were a Bulls Fan, I would want this to happen:

1) Use the amnesty on Boozer.

2) Package Gibson, Snell & Pick 16 to move up and select Vonleh/Randle/Gordon (or just the best available player).

3) Draft a much needed shooter at 19 (Stauskas if he is there)

4) Bring over Mirotic

5) Sign Carmelo

Obviously this scenario is more appealing, but the hypothetical trade regarding the Sixers has been thrown around countless times on our blog site and I just wanted to get your opposing view point. My team isn't going to be a contender for another 3-5 years so best of luck this offseason, I'm big fan of D-Rose's game and hope he can stay healthy.

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