Bulls vs. Bucks game preview: hardly even a trap game

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

[Thanks to Greg for today's game preview -yfbb]

Tonight we take on the Seattle Bucks...I mean Milwaukee Bucks....still your Milwaukee Bucks! I don't want to waste too much time breaking down what the Bulls should and should not do to win this game. Milwaukee is a woeful league's worst 14-61, and are near the bottom in every important team category. The Bulls should crush them tonight and hop right into the third seed. Chicago is 2-1 with Milwaukee this season with some admittedly too close for comfort contests. But to be fair, when they had played, the Bulls clearly weren't the team they are now, and there's a lot of momentum and fire leading towards the playoffs that should lead them to eviscerate the Fawns. (A fawn is a young buck/doe, a frail, weak little creature.) Milwaukee has lost 11 of 12 and are giving up an average 108.3 PPG, there is no good reason for the Bulls to lose this game tonight. I imagine Thibodeau will let his boys off their tight leash and we'll hopefully see a higher offensive game from our boys. Anybody else want to see Jimmer rain some threes?

This game is only important in so far as it could give us the third seed on a night when Toronto also plays the self-destructing Pacers. So how boot' we all raise our Labatt Blues up and hope our Canadyan pals don't get a win in Indy tonight, eh?

A bit about Milwaukee:

Milwaukee's owner, former Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl bought the team in 1985, and has been getting a little antsy the past few years to win a championship. Perhaps it's because he's 79 and feels father time is about to win their one on one game, but much to the chagrin of his coaching staff and management, Kohl has been very vocal about winning now and doing whatever it takes to achieve that. Well, "whatever it takes" meant landing O.K. Mayo last off-season, over paying Larry Sanders ([busted by the league for weed today! -yfbb] who looks to be quite happy playing out this contract and retiring to Mexico) and trading for Brandon Knight who has yet to really show whether he's an upgrade over Brandon Jennings. There are some huge bright spots on Milwaukee's roster: The Greek Freak has a really high ceiling and his athleticism is unreal, and Khris Middleton and Jon Henson have shown some solid play in the Larry Sanders' absence this season. But this team is a mess that made some pseudo-splashy moves last year in an attempt for relevance, that instead destroyed any chance of a team identity. I'm sure Senator Kohl remembers the Ray Allen and Glen Robinson years fondly, but - Mr. Senator, I knew Ray Allen and Glen Robinson, and Mayo and Sanders are no Allen and Robinson.

Projected Starters:


Kirk Hinrich

Mike Dunleavy

Jimmy Butler

Carlos Boozer

Joakim Noah


Brandon Knight

O.K. Mayo (I know his name is O.J....I'm saying he's mediocre)

Khris MIddleton

Jeff Adrien

Zaza Pachulia

Final Prediction: Milwaukee 88 - BULLS 105

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