The (un)official Arron Afflalo post

JBJ kicked the offseason with the BlogaMelo...however, I think there is another direction the Bulls should try to go (and according to the comments, some other people think the same). That option comes in the name of Arron Afflalo, current SG/SF for the Orlando Magic.

Who is he?

Afflalo was drafted by the Pistons in the 2007 draft. After a couple of seasons coming from the bench, he was traded to the Nuggets. He became a starter in Denver and sign a big extension; eventually, he was in the Howard trade and ended up in Orlando, where he just finished his second season.

He's about to turn 29 and under contract for one more year (after that, he has a player option, and he'll probably opt out of it). He's just had the best season of his career, posting a PER of 16 and averaging 18 points per game, while shooting 43% from three.

What does he do?

I don't want to get much into advanced stats (the post might be too long and there will be people better suited for that), but basically, Afflalo is a two-way wing: he is a good shooter (career .522 eFG), including from distance (.466 from 10-16 and .392 from three). Almost a third of his shots are from three and he's assisted in most of them. He does get to the line at a good rate (1 in 3, which was close to Wade this season).

Now, the question Bulls fan have in their mind: can he create his own shot? Afflalo is assisted in more than 56% of his 2 point field goals for his career, which seems to be high compared to the scorers in the game (KD and Melo are both around 30% this season). But the last couple of seasons, Afflalo been hovering around 50%, which is better than decent offensive players like Wesley Matthews or (gulp) Luol Deng. He's not great at it, but it is a big improvement compared to what we have.

Defensively, he didn't have a good year (Magic's defense was almost 6 points better when he wasn't playing), but he's always seem to be a decent defender. It might be even "better" that he's not great at it, since that would mean that Thibs would play him 47 minutes a game.

How can we get him?

I can see numerous ways in which we can get Afflalo: I would break it down in the optimal, the Bulls way and the Billy King way.

Optimal way: Bulls trade Boozer and the 19th pick of the draft for Arron Afflalo. This would be ideal: get rid of Boozer contract while only giving up an asset for that and getting Afflalo. And of course this won't happen. If the Magic don't want Afflalo, amnesty Boozer and make the trade for the pick, since we are under the cap.

Bulls way: Bulls trade Boozer, the 16th pick and a future pick for Arron Afflalo and Jameer Nelson's unguaranteed contract. Bulls give up an asset to get rid of Boozer, another one to get Afflalo plus the 2M in Nelson's guarantee for the year.

Billy King way: Bulls trade Boozer, Snell, the 16th pick, the 19th pick and a future pick for Arron Afflalo and Jameer Nelson. Then, they guarantee Nelson's contract and extend Afflalo for 50 million in 4 years.

Realistically, I see the Bulls doing their thing, which won't be that bad. That seems to be a fair price for Afflalo - although hopefully we won't have to take the extra 2M in Nelson.

Why should we do it?

Because I believe we won't get Melo. I'll love to, but I don't see him leaving NY. And I think Afflalo is one of those guys that would be a great fit, won't cost much and is in the market.

If we go the Bulls route, we can (with a little creativity from the FO) have the following team for 2014:






We can draft Payne or Stauskas with the other pick. And fine, we can bring back Hinrich if Reindsorf wants to. So, guys, what do you think about this? Will this team be a championship contender or not? Will you go for Afflalo?

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