My playoff ranking

[from the comments -yfbb]

1.Blazers (LMA is awesome….)
2. Heat (I think they’re doing that extra gear)
3. Memphis (took a miracle game by Reggie Jackson to not make the series 3-1 Memphis….as good as Westbrook is, his bball IQ is ridiculously weak…
4. Thunder
5. Clippers (I still fear them more than #6)
6. Warriors (in a 3 game series anything is possible because of how good a shooter Curry is)
7. Mavericks (given their 2-1 lead, a slight nudge to #8)
8. Spurs (should be higher, but the Mavs really could be 3-0 in this series if they didn’t cough up game 1).
9. Wizards. They are dangerous. I think game 4 was one that no team would beat the Wizards (the way Ariza was hitting everything with all their weapons, but they are finally coming inot their own and there isn’t really any weaknesses there on the roster). Still game 4 was a bit of a flukey game (that one game they’d be first), but that doesn’t change that this team is tough….and probably underrated if the West 8 weren’t so strong.

10. Toronto. They are disrespected, but if they had a bit more experience they’d be more a real threat
11. Rockets – where’s the D?
12. Nets—I do think we’d take them this year, and that Washington was our toughest matchup save for Miami in round 1 of the east…but I can’t put us ahead.
13. Bulls —Wizards are stopping Noah the facilitator which has exposed our lack of weapons save for Taj Gibson’s brilliance….and on the other end, we are defensively gaming for Wall, but he’s shown all the ability to make his teammates better. The Wizards bigs are a problem for us (in that they neutralize our best strength) and their speed/quickness is a problem from the guard rotations. All that said, game 4 was the only one we were out of it, we choked games 1 and 2…..

Decent drop:
14. Pacers (giving them the benefit of the doubt, but I sure hope the Hawks beat them, that series is a mess, the Pacers should not be struggling the way they are)
15. Hawks. Come on atlanta
16. Bobcats (Though they’ve been a bit more competitive, Al Jefferson was hobbling at the end of the year and now has hurt his foot on top, they’r enot at full strength).

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