Completely Biased End-of-Season Awards

Here's my vote for the awards as we come to a close on this season.


1. Kevin Durant

2. LeBron James

3. Joakim Noah

4. Blake Griffin

5. Stephen Curry

This one is easy, right? I don't feel like there really is a good argument for anyone besides Durant. Durant's been better statistically (his PER is over a point higher than LeBron's), and his defensive ratings are surprisingly higher than LeBron's as well. Plus, his team has a better record, and Westbrook has missed half the season.

Defensive Player of the Year

1. Joakim Noah

2. Roy Hibbert

3. Dwight Howard

In today's NBA, it's very clear that an elite post defender has a much greater effect on a team's defense than an elite wing defender. So with apologies to Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Andre Igoudala, etc., I cannot put a perimeter defender in my top 3. We all hate Dwight, but he's been pretty good this year defensively. Not nearly as good as he used to be, but the Rockets have substantially improved defensively while employing James Harden. This is impressive. Roy Hibbert was the easy call here at the All-Star break, but the last two months have been disastrous. I'm sure he will still get some votes, but my homerism causes me to go in another direction. There is not a more dynamic defender in the NBA than Joakim Noah. Hibbert is great around the basket, but he has no chance when asked to switch onto any smaller defender. Joakim is the most vital piece for his team's defense of any player in the league.

6th Man

1. Taj Gibson

2. Jamal Crawford

3. Reggie Jackson

I'm gonna give as many awards to the Bulls as possible. I hope this is obvious.

Most Improved Player

Who cares? This one makes no sense.

Coach of the Year

1. Tom Thibodeau

2. Gregg Popovich

3. Jeff Hornacek

I don't know. Coaches deserve an award. But this one is pretty dumb as well. Usually we give it to first-year coaches who exceeded expectations, a la Thibs in 2011 or Hornacek this year. And Hornacek has done a great job, so I don't think anyone should be mad if he gets it. But, to me, this is quite clearly Thibs' best coaching effort. It might be Popovich's best season too. These are probably the two best coaches in the league and they have both exceeded expectations in spite of crippling injuries. This one is so arbitrary, good thing I'm a Bulls fan.

Can we give out a Rookie Coach of the Year award too? Then it would be Hornacek. He deserves an award.

Rookie of the Year

1. Michael Carter-Williams

2. Victor Oladipo

3. Trey Burke

I don't really care. Michael Carter-Williams has the best stats. I don't watch these teams because I have respect for myself.

All-NBA Teams

Here's where things get interesting. It is stupid how the NBA decides the All-NBA teams. Currently, voters are asked to vote for two guards, two forwards, and a center. Why? Because those positions create a "team", right? Sure they do. But who cares?!? How about we put the five best players for this season on the First Team, and then the five next players on the Second Team? Wouldn't that make more sense? Here's a thought experiment, let's say Hypothetical Forward X is CLEARLY the 3rd best player in the NBA this season (some would argue this Hypothetical Forward X is Blake Griffin). Is it fair to exclude this player from the First Team All-NBA simply because Durant and LeBron are clearly the top two players? Of course not. Let's get rid of positions for the All-NBA teams. These teams aren't All-Star teams, they never actually play. The actual 2014 All-NBA teams should look like this:

1st Team

PG Stephen Curry

SF Kevin Durant

SF LeBron James

PF Blake Griffin

C Joakim Noah

2nd Team

PG Chris Paul

SG James Harden

SF Carmelo Anthony

PF Kevin Love

PF Dirk Nowitzki

3rd Team

PG Goran Dragic

SF Paul George

PF LaMarcus Aldridge

PF Anthony Davis

C Dwight Howard

So sorry, Damian Lillard, DeMarcus Cousins, Roy Hibbert, and especially Al Jefferson, amongst many others (I'm sure I'll hear all about them!).

I'm sure these teams will be very controversial amongst the Internet snarks, so let me defend them real quick. My first team is my list of the top 5 in MVP voting, because that's what actually makes sense. And the positions didn't even get messed up that much! Like, that team could actually play together and be amazing. See, this is fun. If Chris Paul was healthy all season he may have replaced Stephen Curry on the First Team, but Curry has been incredible and his ankles have shockingly stayed in place for several months, so good job Steph. As for my second team, I'm sure Carmelo will be a polarizing inclusion. Some Bulls fans hate Carmelo, I'm not really sure why. He's really good. And statistically, this has been his single best season. Sure, his team sucks. But he actually has seemed to handle being in a tough situation much better than other recent superstars. His EWA (Estimated Wins Added, according to Hollinger) is fourth in the league. I could go on and defend my picks for the rest of these players, but this post is already too long and I'd rather just argue about it in the comments.

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