Ever seen an entire website have a full-body seizure?

Bulls fans, you have no idea what’s about to happen to you, and your beloved Blog-a-Bull.

James Fredette has come to town, maybe you’ve heard of him. Shooter. Former college player of the year. Marksman. Mormon.

He’s a nice young man, and you’re going to like him a lot. He’s a good team guy, would never rock the boat, a solid citizen from all angles, and unlike so many NBA players, quite humble.

Of course, since joining the NBA, he’s had a great deal to be humble about. But that’s another essay.

You’re going to like Long-Range James. You are not going to like what’s going to happen to every conversation about the Chicago Bulls from this point forward. You’re not going to like it when fans around you at games incessantly scream "SHOOT IT!" any time he has the ball in the front court. You’re not going to enjoy the onslaught of people who are not Bulls fans, and not really even basketball fans, but Jimmer fans. You’re going to scratch your heads when Thibs is accused of racism for his rotations that do not feature Fredette. You’re going to hear the new math where scoring ten points is more important than giving up twenty to an opponent through ineffectual defense.

The last thread you had without a Jimmer threadjack was yesterday. You will look back on it fondly one day. One day very soon.

It’s really too bad that his fans are so terrible, because Fredette is so easy to root for. But the first time he drops 20, and he undoubtedly will, you’ll immediately start hearing rumbles about how Derrick Rose needs to be traded because he’s a ball hog who won’t pass it to Jimmer. It won’t matter if the Bulls win 60 games next season, if Fredette doesn’t get 30+ minutes a night, you’ll hear the sniping. It will be transparent, and it will be shameless. If you think this is hyperbole, take a look at the excellent SacTown Royalty, which is about to get a whole lot better, mostly at your expense.

The Bulls are a much better team than the Kings, and certainly the organization has been far more competent, which was all too apparent during the miserable Maloof years. Jimmer jihadis will almost have you convinced that the reason you’re able to snap up Fredette on the cheap is due to this mismanagement, the instability of the franchise, the lockout, the merry-go-round of coaches, you name it. The first time it happens, I wholeheartedly encourage you to respond with two simple words:

"Isaiah Thomas."

Drafted 50 places lower in the same draft, half a foot shorter, no guaranteed contract, and without a bandwagon, all Thomas has done is stun and amaze at every turn. Better PER, true shooting percentage, better free throw percentage, and actually gets to the line to utilize it. Oh, and this:

The excuses are only excuses. Fredette himself would never stoop to using them, but you will gape with amazement at your screens as the creative efforts put into the glorification of a player whose best-case scenario is a less-athletic JJ Redick. You could do worse, certainly, and the Bulls can use a shooter, but the high-pitched shrieking about how Fredette should obviously be the starter is going to peel the paint off of your homes, and wither the ivy at Wrigley.

Fredette is an A+ human being, and you’re going to like him. But for those of you who really love Blog-a-Bull, and enjoy the high level of knowledge and thought that often grace various threads, even if James Fredette reaches his ceiling, you’re going to find the day when he eventually leaves the Bulls to be a very happy one, if only because it will lead to the exodus of the trolls who have such a disturbing level of personal worth tied up in a middling bench player. I wish you the best of luck, both the Bulls and the site, and I say with absolutely no glee in my heart, these people are your problem now.

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