Bulls vs. Kings: Noah ejected, Cousins vs. Dunleavy, and more.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

things you probably slept through...

Did everyone see all the weird stuff that went on during and after the Bulls awful performance vs. the Kings last night? Me neither. But there was a lot.

Noah goes Scarface

Joakim Noah received a second technical and spectacular ejection in the 3rd quarter. As Jay suggested in the recap, it echoed the character Scarface from the cinematic classic 'Half Baked', and luckily someone did the mashup for us (NSFW language, obviously)

SBNation's own Seth Rosenthal put Noah's exit in the context of other great 'FU' tirades in history.

For his part, Noah apologized after the game. But a hefty fine is likely coming.

The DeMarcus Cousins - Mike Dunleavy feud nobody knew existed

DeMarcus Cousins had a heck of a game in his return from injury, not only scoring 25 points and getting 16 rebounds but doing so while beefing with nearly everyone on the court. But who knew he hated Mike Dunleavy so much? The two had a brief confrontation on the court and post-game Cousins called Dunleavy 'a clown'.  This apparently dates back to a game last season (when Dunleavy was on the Bucks) where Cousins thought he was intentionally undercut by Dunleavy, and then was ejected elbowing Dunleavy in the head.

The unwritten rules of blowouting

Derrick Williams attempted a ridiculous breakaway dunk with his team up 30 points. It went poorly.


From what I heard, this made out local television crew quite upset, so maybe it wasn't all bad.

The Chicago Media needs to be stopped already.

I mean, come on. While Carlos Boozer's comments on Monday left a lot to be desired, does that give reason to produce yet another puff piece on Kirk Hinrich? The answer seems to be there's never reason not to point out how lucky we are to have him a Bull. A player who is not only terrible (his first-half Monday, the one I watched, was epic) but received his starting role back regardless of performance so why would he be complaining. ugh.

So remember as we get ready for a back-to-back in Phoenix tonight: "If Boozer rocked the boat, Kirk Hinrich could be the one to steady it." Holy shit.

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