Boozer/Okafor swap?

this isn't a rumored deal or anything, but according to ESPN, Phoenix is exploring the idea of trading Emeka Okafor's $14.5 million deal and a 2014 first for Pau Gasol. apparently the Suns are looking for a quality veteran in an attempt to make a late season playoff push.

and while I would consider the drop off from Gasol to Boozer to be considerable, you have to think they could possibly still have a bit of interest in Booz, given their search for a veteran player with playoff experience.

reasons for the Suns to do this:

- Phoenix potentially has 4 first rounders in the loaded 2014 draft, so giving up one may not be as significant of a risk as it would be for other teams.

- they also have $5.6 million in cap space, and would be able to absorb Boozer's deal in a one-for-one swap with room left over.

- it would give them a player who, albeit dreadful on defense, is a player with a solid post/mid range skills, and good rebounding ability. and while they're destined for a first round exit, Boozer could certainly help usher them into the postseason.

reasons for the Bulls to do this:

- savings! Chicago is dreadfully close to the luxury tax, and swapping Boozer's deal for Okafor's shaves $2.3 million off their payroll.

- MOAR SAVINGZZZZZZ! Jerry Reinsdorf would cream his White Sox jammies at the idea of not having to amnesty Carlos Boozer (and essentially pay him to play for another team).

- it puts Chicago in the same situation as Phoenix: a boatload of assets. if they can get a first rounder out of them, Chicago will have 2-4 firsts in a very deep draft. this would allow them to cheaply round out their roster while still guessed it...flexibility!

- this could really go either way, but this trade SHOULD help the Bulls get worse, thus leading to a better draft pick. without Boozer we get more Taj, which is a great thing. however, this means we lose even more of our scoring punch; it also means we're looking at extended minutes for Mugshot Murphy. and while this trade will probably never come to fruition, it's an idea. it might not be the best one, but who knows. stranger things have happened.

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