Dunleavy trade idea

We're now 2 games above .500 at the All-Star break. It seems like the Bulls are making a run for home-court advantage in the first round (more profits for Jerry!) led by Jo, Taj and the Hurt Craptain. But beyond that, there are no more expectations for the season (second round and out).

In the past few days, there have been rumors that the Thunder is looking to add one more shooter for the playoffs. I believe that one more piece would practically guarantee a Thunder title (maybe it's just me, but I thin that team is beyond excellent). And that shooter could be Mike Dunleavy Jr.

I think there could be a trade beneficial to both sides:

Bulls get: Andre Roberson + 2014 Thunder 1st round pick

Thunder get: Mike Dunleavy Jr. + 2014 Bulls 2nd round pick

Why the Bulls do it:

- They get a decent return for Dunleavy (basically, two late first rounders).

- If they decide to do a rebuild on the fly, they have up to 3 first rounders in the next draft.

- They clear cap space (for Mirotic + DJ...let's face it, that would be our offseason).

- Karma? Dunleavy gets to play for a contender (if not the favorite).

Why the Thunder do it:

- They get an extra shooter for their playoff run who just might be their second best wing.

- Next year they will be close to the luxury tax even without Thabo. Even though Dunleavy makes more than Roberson, he's probably better than Thabo at this point and they can get a replacement for Thabo at the minimum next year.

- 2nd rounders are very useful if you're against the luxury tax. Having 2 2nd rounders allows the Thunder to fill the 12th and 13th spots with basically one minimum salary.

I see this trade as beneficial to both teams. The added bonus is that this can help avoid a Heat three-peat/Pacers championship.

Edit: I messed up Roberson salary, meaning this would put the Thunder in the luxury tax. This can be solved by adding Thabeet to the deal. That way, we don't have to sign another player this year, we get away from the luxury tax and we clear the cap for next year. I don't think the Thunder would mind sending their 3rd string center.

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