Bulls Offseason Thoughts...

This Bulls offseason is shaping up to be a fascinating one. From what I can tell, the plan will look something like this:

  • Bulls front office will make the obligatory presentations and individualized apps for LeBron, Carmelo and Lance Stephenson. (We shouldn't hold our breath.)
  • Bulls try to sign Mirotic, our Spanish savior from across the pond. (It's possible, but also quite possible that he stays another year in Spain. I'm pro-Mirotic; it looks like there are reasons for optimism.)
  • If the Bulls strike out on major free agents, they'll hold on to Boozer. (I realize I'm in the minority, but I actually really like Boozer. But there's no question Mirotic > Boozer in value, age, etc.)
  • Bulls pick up the option on Jimmy's final year and try to sign a cheap extension.
  • Bulls offer Hinrich and DJ contracts and hopefully at least one of them is willing to stay for the chance to be on a potential contender, a la Dunleavy.

Personally, I think the likeliest scenario is that we unveil a starting lineup that looks something like this: Rose, Butler, Dunleavy, Taj and Noah. Kirk/DJ, Mirotic, Nazr, Snell, Murphy and [2014 draft pick] plus warm bodies to fill out the bench.

I believe (hope, pray) Rose comes back at close to full strength and if you believe that to be true, that's a contending team. Probably not the favorites (beware the Slim Reaper, the Pacers and you never know, maybe Melo joins LeBron), but a contending team all the same.

After the last two years, that'd a season I'd be overjoyed to be a part of.

P.S. - Miss you Deng.

P.P.S. - I had a thought the other day, do you guys think it's possible Mirotic could play the 3? I know Gallinari plays SF and PF and they're about the same size. Rose, Butler, Mirotic, Taj and Noah could be pretty deadly. Thibs might set rebounding records with that starting lineup.

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