Hmm, interesting news on KLove got me dreaming a bit...

[yanked as OT from the comments -yfbb]

Maybe KLove really will become available this summer, and maybe the Bulls miss the playoffs. If so, we may have a real shot to land him. He makes $16M next year, and guess who makes roughly the same? That’s right, Carlos Boozer, and both will be on expiring deals. Here’s the trade:

Bulls get: KLove
Wolves get: Boozer, Mirotic rights, Bulls lottery pick (2014), future Kings R1 pick, future Bulls pick (lottery protected)

This would be the basics of the deal. We could possibly sweeten it with R2 picks, or swapping a good contract (Dunleavy) for a bad one (Shved). Adding Dunleavy for Shved works in trade machine.

Why Wolves do it: If KLove makes it clear he is not resigning, they will probably look to move him and get the best return. Here, they get a serviceable 4 on an expiring deal (Boozer), a lottery pick, two future R1 picks (non-lottery), and Mirotic (assuming he’ll play in MN). To me, that’s a pretty good haul of assets for a guy on his way out the door anyway. Two young potential all-stars in the lottery pick and Mirotic, two future R1 picks, and Boozer to help make a playoff push in the short term. Would anyone really offer more than this?

Why Bulls do it: We got the core already, and just need another all-star now. If that all-star can be a 26 PPG sweet shooting 4, who also rebounds like crazy, that would almost be the perfect complement to Rose & Noah. In this deal, we’d also keep Jimmy to man one of our starting wing spots, and Taj as our 3rd big. All we’d be short is a starting 2, and instant offense guy off the bench.

I think we’d have our full MLE to use after this trade, since we’d be above the salary cap. If so, we could target a starting wing like Trevor Ariza. Lineups look like this next year:

PG: Rose, DJ, (Kirk?)
SG: Jimmy, Snell
SF: Ariza, Dunleavy
PF: KLove, Taj
C: Jo, Charlotte pick

We’d just need one more shot creator, and this squad is pretty good. Maybe BG comes back on a min deal to chase a ring, or we somehow swing a trade for Nate. Could also trade Dunleavy for another ball-handler, as he’s redundant with Snell and Ariza.

What say you???

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