12 reasons why I hated the Luol trade

  1. Like Ricky O´Donnell pointed in his must-read article, Luol always gave everything he got for the team
  2. Luol gave us good offense and outstanding defense. It will be hard to replace that to really match up against Miami. Yes, Jimmy Butler plays great D too but it's about stopping LeBron and Wade and Bosh.
  3. The offer the Bulls made to Luol was inappropriate. Not so much because they offered him $10M per year but because they offered him only 3 years. You can make a case that Iguodala might be a little overpaid with his $48M/4 years contract but (a) market price is market price and (b) I do think that a guy like Luol should get a little something for his dedication, off court behaviour, loyalty and leadership.
  4. That is even worse when I think we overpaid Kirk Hinrinch in at least $4M
  5. Luol joins Asik and Ben Gordon in the hall of "very good player that we had lost for nothing at all"
  6. Haters gonna hate but Luol is an All Star. He is not flashy and you may not like, you may not agree but NBA coaches agree. Luol was good enough that every team had to plan to face him
  7. I honestly think this will stress even further the relationship with Thibs
  8. There is some gambling in that. We don't know how far will Jimmy go with his offense and we don't know if Mirotic will come. And even if he does we don't know how good he will actually be in the NBA
  9. This trade kinda makes Wade right about Bulls loyalty
  10. Well, Luol and Noah are were my favorites Bulls with a slight edge to Luol for being in the team longer. #Luol4eva
  11. Than there is this:

  12. and of course this:
  13. 469px-luolz_medium


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