Checking Up On Snell

The Bulls website put out a little update on Tony Snell. Link

For those concerned about his weight

Snell has added another few pounds of muscle this summer to weigh 203 currently. He says ideally he’ll get to 205 or 210 pounds by the end of this season.

I can live with that. 203 is small for his frame but as a 2 guard he won't be giving up much size. At 203 I think he could play just fine right now, and I am no longer concerned about his weight. The article also mentioned he did not start to lift weights until arriving at college so he still has room to grow.

Thibs got to him...

"My main thing was defense," said Snell of his primary focus heading into the summer. "To me, defense wins games. I love playing defense. I’m just trying to get used to defense at this level, being in the spots I need to be, and helping my teammates. That was my main priority. My offense is going to come around, but I’ve got to be consistent with my defense."

But it is good that he has bought in. This must be music to Thibs' ears.

Dude is a hard worker too.

As Alford told earlier this summer, "The thing I’ll remember most about Tony is that he literally was usually the first one to practice. I always knew practice was 20 to 30 minutes away by when Tony came into the gym. He was always early to work on his game."

Humblest back court in the NBA. Rose, Jimmy, Hinrich, Snell. I think they could have used Nate just to talk some trash. Liven up the meeting room.

And on his relationship with Thibs

"We’re really cool," said Snell of Thibodeau. "I don’t know how he is during the season, but it’s one of those things where sometimes you have to get after your players to always play hard. It’s very understandable. I can tell he’s a great coach. He’s been pushing me to keep up with all of my conditioning drills so I’m ready for training camp, so that’s what I’m trying to do."

Anyway I took it as a positive that he is in there doing what has to be done to improve his game and get noticed by the coaches. I think if we are to win a championship this year he or Teague (dare I say both) will need to make a contribution.

At the very least he should be a decent 3 and D player if not this year then next. He definitely seems to be putting the work in.

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