New "Derrick Rose" Media Rule

This article came out just today. Apparently, injured players are now required to speak to the media once a week after returning to practice.

With Rose returning to Bulls practice just after the All-Star break, his ongoing press boycott hurt his image more than it helped, as even his most ardent supporters (like, perhaps, the guy typing this out) were at the very best dubious and at the very worst disappointed in how the entire 13-month process following Rose’s injury, Chicago’s rebuilding, the regular season and playoff run went down.

A little more transparency, even if it’s rife with clichés and go-to throwaway quotes, always helps. And as a fan, more than an NBA analyst, I appreciate Tim Frank and the NBA’s move toward increased communication between NBA players, and their supporters.

Honestly, I disagree here. Anytime Rose spoke, it honestly made matters worse. His 110% quote. Or these gems:

My leg still isn't feeling right.

I can't dunk, man. I know if I can dunk off stride, I know I'll be out there playing, but I can't.

Having debates about what the heck off stride meant and all that jazz was fun and all, but while Rose has become a better speaker, he still does not always portray his thoughts as eloquently and accurately as you'd like. His speaking or lack there of did not change my image of him at all. The fact that he sat the entire season was the only thing that had an effect on my view. That said, it's an interesting move toward more disclosure an openness in the NBA, so that's something I guess.

What do you guys think?

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