Beasley is back on the market, should the Bulls take advantage?

Michael Beasley is being released by the Phoenix Suns after being caught with weed.

On the one hand Beasley is an underachiever who seems to have difficulty managing his weed habit, which a majority of the NBA is able to do with out many problems. I played against him once in 8th grade (our team played Rose that same tournament), and like Rose I feel as if he has always been the best guy on the court, but unlike him never felt any impetus to work at getting better; quite plainly we can see the split in their careers when they reached the NBA. That said as far as talent to cost ratio, you don't get a better deal than Beasley. He is not a particularly efficient guy, but he can create his own offense and has the potential to go off for 30, which is a generally underrated ability in our context of advanced metrics which average whole seasons of data. The ability to crush a team on a given night is something that every team needs, and at the moment we really only have two and a half of those guys one offense (Rose, Deng and Boozer) with potentially one in the wing (Butler). Having Nate was a definite plus and we could use another person who can create their own offense. I think he could be used at 3 and 4, allowing us to stretch against slower teams and matchup against teams like the Knicks. At the moment I am mixed about the idea, but I do believe that goofballs of his sort, that is guys who seem generally kind hearted but who have trouble with self-control and responsibility, have more success on good teams, which is a luxury he has not had. If he was willing to sign for the minimum I think we could get more value out of him than we would a guy like Anthony Tolliver. He would add offense, three point shooting, quality in a small ball lineup, and athleticism. He is not an efficiency guy, but I think that playing with Rose, Deng, Butler and Noah might reduce some of his negative qualities. Thibs is a brilliant coach and I would be surprised if couldn't get the best out of Beasley, who has to realize to some degree that his career is beginning to be in jeopardy.

What do you think?

This is a speculative lineup-

PG - Rose, Hinrich, Teague

SG - Butler, Dunleavy, Hinrich, Snell

SF - Deng, Dunleavey, Beasley

PF - Boozer, Gibson, Beasley

C - Noah, Mohammed, Taj

If Beasley succeeded our playoff rotation looks like Rose, Noah, Deng, Butler, Boozer, Taj, Dunleavey, Mohammed, and Beasley, which is a pretty excellent lineup.

And on a different note, doesn't ever speculative lineup just make you wish we had kept Omet?

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