The upcoming Rose & Butler Show

So stumbling around the nets, I came across an article that gives a pretty detailed rundown of Rose & Butler in regards of how they would play off each other.

How Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler Will Make Each Other Better

A summary would be that Jimmy's strong 3PT shooting, particularly after the All-Star break last year, combined with Rose's ability to create 3PT looks for his teammates will pay large dividends.

It's well worth a full read, as there are some very good breakdowns in terms of how Rose effects the Bulls' 3PT shooting as a team, statistical breakdowns of Butler's improvements as a shooter, and how solid SG play helps Rose in particular (and how he hasn't had much help so far).

Here are a handful of choice quotes...the first is my favorite:

In this season alone, Butler created almost 30 percent more points than Hamilton and Bogans did combined in their entire Bulls tenure. And, for all the discussion over how much the Bulls need Marco Belinelli’s ability to create, Butler actually created 38 more points than Belinelli did in 2012.


The most exciting thing about Butler’s breakout was his three-point shooting. After the All-Star break, Butler shot .449 from deep, and as the starting shooting guard, he was a beastly .528. Include the games he played shooting guard during the postseason, and that number climbs to .551.


In all, 70 percent of three-pointers made by the Bulls while Rose was on the court were either made or assisted by Rose. Furthermore, 59.5 percent of threes made by his teammates come off Rose’s passes.

So how well will that work with Butler?

Go check it out...there's much more to get excited about.

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