2014 Offseason

Recently, I read a great and interesting article off of by a writer named Kelly Scaletta. Kelly wrote an article about the ability of the Chicago Bulls being able to land another superstar via free agency or trade in the 2014 Off-Season. He explained that with the amnesty of Boozer and the contracts of both Deng and Hinrich coming off the books the Bulls will only be equipped with about 12 million dollars in cap room. Subtract the amount of cap holds the Bulls will have there will only be about 10 million dollars in cap space.

Now as many of you can imagine that is no where near enough money to lure the big free agents such as Lebron or Melo to Chicago in 2014. Kelly then describes how difficult it would be to acquire a superstar like Kevin Love or Lamarcus Aldridge. He says that in order to obtain one of these two players we would have to give up Noah and possibly even Butler for one of these players. This would mean that the Bulls would lose three or possibly four members of the current core just to obtain Aldridge or Love. This is obviously not an ideal situation. Additionally, Kelly does an outstanding job of breaking down the Bulls player salary as well as the cap situation.

After reading this I decided to do a bit of research myself. Since this is all a hypothetical. I decided to come up with a trade scenario as well as the salary breakdown if the trade scenario I presented was to actually happen.

Lets say that the Wolves have another sub .500 season and Kevin Love decides that he no longer want to be there. Lets also say that he decides that his top destination would be to team up with Derrick Rose on the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls offer Boozer's 16.8m dollar expiring contract (which in my opinion can be very appealing) in addition to Nikola Mirotic, the Bobcats pick, the Bulls 2014 first round pick and either Tony Snell or Marquis Teague. If this trade was to be completed the Bulls roster would look like this

Derrick Rose- 18,862,876

Joakim Noah- 12,200,000

Kevin Love- 15,719,062

Jimmy Butler-2,008,748

Taj Gibson- 8,000,000

Mike Dunleavy- 3,326,235

Erik Murphy- 816,482

Marquis Teague- 1.120,920 or Tony Snell 1,427,400

2014 Second Rd pick- little less than a million

The cap equates to a little more than 62 million dollars. Although, it hasn't been set yet I've read on numerous websites that the cap for the 2014-2015 season would be between 60 million and 63 million. Now if it is 60 million the Bulls are obviously a tax paying team once again something that all Bulls fans know management is not a fan of. However, this gives the Bulls nine players under contract and they have shown that they can find good talent when they go bargain shopping in free agency.

However, I understand that I am only looking at one year and the Bulls could be looking at the repeater tax if they don't manage the cap properly. Derrick Rose is completely deserving of his Max contract, he is the Bulls best player. Kevin Love could also be very much deserving of a max contract so lets assume that Kevin Love receives the Max of 5 years and 80 million, I cant see him getting the 5 year almost 100 million dollar contract that players like Rose and D-Will have gotten. Jimmy Butler will be a restricted free agent after next season maybe the Bulls can get Jimmy to do something similar to what Taj did and get him to sign for less than market value. Maybe something like 4 years and 32 million. Noah's contract ends after the 2015 season and I would want to keep him. However, in my opinion, there is really no comparable center and he would be entering his age 30 season and has an injury history. 4 years 50 million should be enough after the 2015 season. Taj, Murphy, Teague or Snell, 2014 second rd pick, 2015 1st round pick, and 2015 second rd pick will be either under contract or on the team entering the 2015/2016 season.

If this scenario come to fruition than the Bulls roster could look like this come 2015/2016

Derrick Rose-20,093,064

Kevin Love- 13,701,250

Joakim Noah- 13,400,000

Jimmy Butler- 6,000,000

Taj Gibson- 8,500,000

Erik Murphy- 1,147,276

Tony Snell- 1,535,800 or Marquis Teague- 2,023,261

Add probably around 3 million for both 2015 picks and 2014 second rd pick and the Bulls are looking at around a 67 million dollar cap for nine players. Additionally, depending on the cap the Bulls could possibly avoid the tax

With a little creativity from management( trade Taj?) and a lot of If's this hypothetical scenario can possibly become reality. It's an extremely long shot but anything is possible. What do you guys think?

Any thoughts? ideas? Comments?

Here is the link to the article I mentioned in this post. Good article by a very good writer. Thanks to Kelly Scaletta.

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