NBA Summer League: Chicago Bulls blow past Nuggets, 93-81


The Andrew Goudelock show continues.

Hey, so the SummerBulls* are actually pretty great. On Tuesday night, SummerBulls improved to 2-0 in the Las Vegas Summer League by defeating the Denver Nuggets SummerNuggz 93-81. The Bulls and Nuggets played the last game of the night, so a mostly empty arena watching a bunch of funny/weird/warted basketball players you might vaguely remember from a random Thursday night Big East game you caught three years (Luke Harangody! Andy Rautins!) created an atmosphere not conducive to taking anything too seriously, but it was nice to see the Bulls' players of note all play well. I also thought the game was ultimately pretty enjoyable to watch, at least if you are psychotic enough to derive entrainment out of what is unquestionably 'bad basketball'. But you know how the old saying goes: bad basketball, still much better than baseball.

Andrew Goudelock is amazing. After scoring a team-high 26 for the SummerBulls in their LVSL opener, the man Kobe dubbed 'mini Mamba' dropped 31 points on 10-of-13 shooting including 5-of-6 from three. 31 points on 13 shots! I don't care if it's Summer League, that's still pretty awesome. He looked like a ringer in an intramural game. Dude just couldn't miss.

Goudelock's backcourt running mate Marquis Teague played well, too. I thought he showed a comfort level on the court he never had as a rookie last year for the Bulls, controlling the tempo and displaying impressive court vision. We know Teague is off the charts athletically (just look at his draft combine testing) and unbelievably quick, but it was nice to see him actually look like a point guard on Monday. He finished with 15 points and seven assists on 6-of-12 shooting and even hit the three. The B-a-B reaction was priceless.

Malcolm Thomas looked like a Summer League superhero, too. Dude is BOUNCY. Thomas played 34 minutes and finished with 13 points and 22 (!) rebounds, which included 10 on the offensive glass. Malcolm Thomas was sort of everywhere.

Bulls second round pick Erik Murphy had a great second game after a terrible first one. He did the stretch four thing perfectly, scoring 18 points with 4-of-5 shooting from three-point range. He is also very skinny and will never get a rebound in a real game in his entire career.

Speaking of skinny: Tony Snell! So skinny, it's almost jarring. Snell missed seven of his nine shots, but I thought he actually looked pretty good. He was attacking the rim and drawing contact. Snell finished with 11 points (7-of-9 from the foul line) and five rebounds.

I swear, this was actually fun. Recommended, even. I'm sorry for making fun of the people who love LVSL. SummerBulls rule \m/.

*Copyright of Seth Rosenthal

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